Multicultural Technology: senhasegura PAM is a Leader in 2021 KuppingerCole report

The image shows a compass between north and south to connote the leadership of senhasegura - provider of Privileged Access Management solutions for the cybersecurity of corporate systems - in the Leadership Compass 2021 report, produced by German technolo

The senhasegura solution reaches the top of the Leadership Compass report ranking by improving and offering new Privileged Access technologies, such as DOMUM.

Cybersecurity solutions provider is hightlighted for advances in Privileged Access Management in globally acclaimed technology report.

That’s the value of this kind of report, KuppingerCole Leadership Compass opens the routes to other places and adds visibility to our work.”

— Marcus Scharra

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, October 5, 2021 / — The senhasegura solution, created by the MT4 Tecnologia group for Privileged Access Management (PAM), reaches the top of the world ranking in the “Leadership Compass 2021” report, produced by KuppingerCole ⎼ a renowned German technological analysis consultancy ⎼ to evaluate the functionalities and market positioning of PAM product vendors. In the recently released 2021 edition ⎼ besides achieving recognition in all aspects evaluated ⎼ the Brazilian vendor gets distinction for ease of use and additional protective layers to the cyber system of small, medium and large sized companies.

The study for the elaboration of the report is based on 3 categories to define the overall classification: product, market and innovation. This year, 26 providers of Privileged Access Management solutions from around the world were highlighted in the document, with positions divided from “Follower”; “Challenger”, to “Leader”. The benefit and differential of the KuppingerCole report is to include plural and high-quality organizations, regardless of size, customer base, or geographical area of operations, through a simple comparison that eases the customers’ understanding and helps in the decision making process.

Read the full report here.

The only Latin American company present in the report, senhasegura shows the evolution in just over 8 years of business: the first activities in the PAM field were in 2012, starting from the needs of companies that already consumed other digital security products from the MT4 group, especially to satisfy the demands of a large Brazilian bank that needed a modern and vigorous data protection system. From “Challenger”, as it was classified last year, to current “Leader” ⎼ due to technological improvement ⎼ senhasegura operates in more than 55 countries around the world and follows with an expansion plan that intends to strengthen relations with Europe and North America, core of traditional PAM technology providers. But the key is in the consumers’ opinions, as told by the CEO of the company, Marcus Scharra:

⏤ Along with having partners and representatives spreading our solution in the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Portugal, and France, countries where some of our competitors are based and have a consistent audience, it is interesting to see that our growth is also very much due to the assessment of customers in these regions, who often give us positive feedback on the ease of use of our solution and the advantages and transparency of the total costs, as reported in the Peer Insights portal of another research institute, Gartner, which named us as the “2021 Customer’s Choice”. That’s the value of this kind of report, KuppingerCole Leadership Compass opens the routes to other places and adds visibility to our work.

Market trends with clear explanations and warnings of potential risks

The Leadership Compass report indicates that the PAM market, despite not being new (it’s more than 20 years old), has become increasingly popular and advances in competitiveness every year thanks to the demands of digital convergence. In 2020 by itself, this type of business moved about 930 million dollars with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 13%, and is expected to reach 1.2 billion dollars this year and 1.39 billion dollars in 2022.

With more people surfing the web and more workers embracing the remote workplace model, the circulation of data also increases as do the risks of credential theft and system intrusions. According to a report derived from the RSA Conference 2020, 74% of the atypical privileged access actions detected on corporate networks were of unknown origin, one of the favorite forms of attack by hackers. Hence the need to deploy innovative and powerful mechanisms that overcome existing malicious actions and that can minimally predict and contain future attacks, as is the case of Privileged Access Management (PAM).

What is PAM?

Privileged Access Management is a cyber solution based on the strategy of access control and privileged permissions to users, systems and machines within a critical environment or corporate networks. The idea is that people and devices, connected or not to the company’s system, have the least access privilege possible, which includes network monitoring functions, credential control, and password management.

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