Motto Group: The First to Lead Automotive Business to Penetrate E-commerce Market for Cars

Motto Group persists to be the leader of the largest online automotive business in South-East Asia demonstrating the highest growth of online consumers in 2021

SINGAPORE, May 21, 2021 / — In this time of era, businesses in almost all industries are challenged by today’s digitized world, and the automotive industry is no exception. Traditional businesses and services are now transforming from commerce to online commerce. The Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic is an unexpected issue that emerged and is considered another accelerated factor for businesses to overcome. Amidst the current challenges, Motto Group is determined to continue to conquer the automotive industry in Thailand with 20 years of establishment Motto Group not only has proven success but to withstand all the past crises and ready for the new challenges to come.

Motto Auction Thailand Co., Ltd., the leader of the advanced automobile auction technology and inclusive after-sales services, such as 24-hour nationwide transport, automobile inspection, automobile maintenance, and registration, was highly successful in the past year with the sales volume up to 964 million Baht for online sources alone within 12 months, although it was during the recession period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, Motto Group persists to be the leader of the largest online automotive business in South-East Asia demonstrating the highest growth of online consumers in 2021. This reflects the performance of being the true leader of the automotive industry in the e-commerce era.

Furthermore, Motto Group continues to exhibit expertise in automotive technologies through (its Thailand 4.0 venture), the first-ever online platform in Thailand to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to analyze, manage and evaluate the price using the 24-hour real-time deep learning as the solution to the problem with the buyer who desires to trade the automobile but does not possess knowledge in regards to the valuation, therefore, the platform elicits the most optimal and fairest price for the most efficient trading. Currently, presents 39,900 models on the website within only 8 months with the increasing numbers of 300 used cars listed per day.

The result displays 5.2 million times on the website, and the rate of new users has significantly increased by 1,814% for past 12 months since MottoRaka’s inception with the continuous growth rate today, while the number of returning users to the website increases 12% per month during the past 6 months. Additionally, the major car dealers in Thailand use services from as a distribution channel, as well as, to widen their audiences and obtain new customers through an online innovative market. From this matter, it is clear that MottoRaka has strived to become the leader of the online automobile auction industry.
Meanwhile, MottoRaka continues to envision the total online experience for the Thai Automotive market and how to transform them by starting to notice the issue of time duration of selling a car online is uncertain, meaning the buyers have the selections in the online market, however, the seller has no clue when they can sell one car. MottoRaka firmly believes this issue is resolvable. Therefore, MottoRaka has established the solution to resolve such issues and founded an innovative online platform called “RakaDee”. The platform to sell car online via auction bidding of the actual buyer within 72 hours after a car is listed. The platform utilizes the same AI database as MottoRaka to guarantee over 3,000 genuine buyers with trustworthy personal profiles and financial credits to ensure integrity benefits from the platform and MottoRaka. Moreover, the free car inspection service from the expert is offered to ensure consumer satisfaction, the transition of the automotive industry to e-commerce, and enhance the sellers and buyers experience.

Meanwhile, Motto Group demonstrates their commitment to elevate the automotive industry in Thailand through the statement of Motto Group Chief Executive Officer as “what distinguishes us from others is the essence of our company. We are experienced automotive experts with a mix of talented minds, technological and digital experts combining two decades of harvested knowledge, multinational skillsets, data, and information. Instead of withstanding the challenges and crises alone, we are market makers, driving the business and consistently striving ourselves for success to elevate the automotive industry into Thailand 4.0, and we have demonstrated our beliefs and methods are working in the ever-changing world,” Simon Moran, Chief Executive Officer of Motto Group.

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