Mother Builds Multi-Million Dollar Facility When Denied Access to Programs for Her Child with Special Needs

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 / — Christy Porter is married to former Pittsburgh Steeler Joey Porter. She gave birth to their second child in 1999. The baby was born with autism. As she got older, Christy began to look for programs in which their daughter could participate. But she was consistently denied because their child had special needs.

“Our daughter is not verbal, but she understands her surroundings, enjoys playing and participating in activities just like other children,” Mrs. Porter said. “After being denied countless times, I decided to take matters into my own hands.”

Being an expert in real estate acquisitions, risk mitigation planning and service gap analysis, Christy decided to expand her knowledge base by identifying and analyzing business trends as it related to programs designed for individuals with special needs and the families who care for them. She soon discovered there were not very many available nationwide!

Christy began strategically developing partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs in Bakersfield, California. These relationships helped her develop operational and capital budgets and create programs that would provide quality health services and early start childcare programs. Equipped with knowledge, resources and the fuel to find quality care for her daughter, Mrs. Porter opened 3 facilities in August 2003, specifically for children who have special needs and their families. The facilities provide early childcare services, after school programs, medical services, social skills training programs, employment opportunities and family support programs. The facilities are still open and continue to provide families with services today.

Christy and her family now reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In December 2019, she and her husband acquired the Holy Innocent’s Parish, located at 3011 Landis Street in Pittsburgh’s West End neighborhood. With over 180,000 square feet of space the property includes two schools and a nun’s covenant. The property has since been renamed the Jasmine Nyree Campus and is being transformed into a multi-service campus and community center designed to address multiple needs in Pittsburgh’s Sheraden community. The campus is named after their daughter. The Porters have 4 children. The Jasmine Nyree Campus will provide residential services, recreational, educational and other human-related services for all individuals and families in Pittsburgh.

“Our main focus is to serve families who need additional support,” said Mrs. Porter. “If support comes in the form of employment, after school programs, health services, or assistance in providing food, we want to be a resource.”

About The Jasmine Nyree Campus, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

In December 2019, Mrs. Porter acquired the Holy Innocent’s parish, two school and nuns covenant. With over 180,000 square feet of space, the facilities will be transformed into a multi-service campus and community center designed to address multiple needs in the Sheraden community in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The campus will provide critical learning, recreational, human services and employment to over 200 neighborhood residents.

The Grand Opening was held on Saturday, June 5, 2021, celebrating the opening of the Dr. Phillip Birdine Learning Center, named after a veteran of the United States Army and a pioneer in the field of Education who would go on to be the 5th President of Western Oklahoma State College. He was the first and only African American President of a college or university in the entire state of Oklahoma, excluding Historically Black Colleges & Universities. After 40 years of dedicated service, Dr. Birdine retired as President of Western Oklahoma State College in 2018.

The Learning Center will house a day program for special needs adults, an after-school program for K-12 grade students, and the Jerome Bettis Gym that will accommodate 220 spectators and be utilized for recreational activities.

Programs are set to begin in August 2021. For more information, visit

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