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MommyWize initially started as a Facebook community, and today it is an ultimate online destination dedicated to motherhood and parenting.

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, January 15, 2021 / — We often hear, “Mommy knows it all.” Moms’ advice is always valued as they speak from experience. Their opinion, feedback, or review can certainly sway millions of people. Today, companies are taking advantage of the wide reach of mom influencers to promote their products and services.

There are millions of mom influencers and bloggers out there, and their reach and impact are remarkable. Browsing them, shortlisting them, talking to them about promotions needs both time and effort. Brands don’t need to find mom influencers anymore for promotion; they simply need to contact Mommywize, and they will handle it all for them.

Mommywize has a network of more than 200+mom influencers and bloggers currently, and their number is continuously increasing. Considering the popularity of the platform in such a short span, mom influencers are eager to be associated with MommyWize.

MommyWize initially started as a Facebook community, and today it is an ultimate online destination dedicated to motherhood and parenting.

In the words of Sonia J Chawla, co-founder Mommywize, “Ours is not solely a motherhood and parenting advice website. This unique website is by a mom and for all moms out there trying to carve a niche for themselves.

I understand the various struggles a woman goes through to accomplish her ambition, especially after motherhood. I know that support is very important to help a mom re-build that lost confidence in herself during motherhood. We intend to bring moms together to provide support to each other in every stage of life.

Now we are also exploring various opportunities to develop Mommywize further. Venturing into mom influencer marketing campaigns is one such initiative. Products, when promoted by our ever-expanding community of mom-influencers, can stimulate the audience well to get your product the required optimum reach.

Next, we also intend to bring specialists on our panel like doctors, psychologists, experienced moms, and others for live sessions on Facebook. We are brainstorming many such ideas that we will implement gradually. The response received so far is overwhelming, and we can’t thank all the beautiful moms for all their love and support.”

So, anyone looking to do influencer marketing via mom influencers must surely consider Mommywize and its powerful influencers network.
The objective is to make Mommywize a destination for brands that cater to moms and kids’ products like baby care products, toys, educational products, women essentials, beauty products, home appliances, home décor items and more.

Furthermore, MommyWize also provides work-from-home opportunities to the talented mums who want to earn while being close to their little ones.
Mommywize also has a Facebook community called MommyWizeMomVentures for new mom-led businesses where they can promote their enterprise/brand to scale up and reach new heights.

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