Momentous Carbon Nanocoating Patent Awarded to Tesla NanoCoatings

The Super CNT Coating Is the Future of Protective Coatings

A significant research effort is being employed to further develop Super CNT”

— Todd Hawkins, President and Founder

MASSILLON, OHIO, US, July 13, 2021 / — Tesla NanoCoatings announced this third patent award in 2021. This latest patent on a self-stratified single-coat system is the future of corrosive coatings. The patent demonstrates Telsa NanoCoatings global leadership position in carbon nanocoatings corrosion protection technology.

Named Super CNT, Tesla NanoCoatings’ one-coat coating is self-stratifying separating into a primer / topcoat carbon nanotube polymer laminate when applied. The self-stratifying layers produce the advantages of a tough multilayer carbon nanocoating system in one single coat, significantly improving corrosion protection, reducing costs and providing rapid return to service.

In addition to be a single-coat coating, Super CNT delivers the following benefits:

• Increased working time
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• High degree of hydrophobicity
• Fast curing

Tesla NanoCoatings’ Super CNT was created to address the considerable pressure industries are experiencing fighting corrosion. This product significantly reduces product and maintenance costs.

Tesla NanoCoatings developed Super CNT for the oil and gas industry and other industries in harsh, corrosive environments. Super CNT will be particularly valuable in offshore oil and gas surface and subsea operations as well as refineries and petrochemical plants.

“A significant research effort is being employed to further develop Super CNT” said Tesla NanoCoatings President and Founder, Todd Hawkins. He added, “Our considerable understanding of carbon nanotechnology enables us to expand uses of the carbon nanotubes that no other company would even think about.”

Tesla NanoCoatings Research Scientist Jorma Virtanen added, “We have certainly stretched the capabilities of carbon nanotube technology to develop the Super CNT.”

Tesla NanoCoatings plans to begin testing of Super CNT in 2021 with the goal of conducting field tests with its primary customers in 2022.

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