Mobeauty Supply Vending Machines Revolutionize Access to Black Beauty Supplies at Cheyney University and Beyond

Beauty Supply Vending Machine filled with Black Beauty Supplies, Haircare, Cosmetics, Nails and more.

The First Beauty Supply Vending Machine To Go Into A HBCU

Beauty Supply Vending Machines filled with Black Beauty Supplies, Haircare, Cosmetics, Nails and more.- Mobeauty Logo

Mobeauty Supply Vending

Adding a Mobeauty Supply Vending Machine to a location near you can cure the demand for easily accessible black beauty supplies where they are needed most.

In A World Full Of Trends Vending Is Classic.”

— Maureen Washington

PENNSYLVANIA, U.S.A., September 8, 2021 / — Historically African American women have had a harder time accessing the proper beauty supplies needed for daily hair and beauty needs. Maureen Washington and Cynthia Childrey-Hameen, the team behind MoBeauty Supply Vending Machines and Top 5 Luxe Beauty, have combined the convenience of vending machines and the demand for accessible black beauty products in a place where they would be used and appreciated.

Earlier this year Cheyney University of Pennsylvania became the first college to welcome a MoBeauty Vending Machine to its campus. This new vending machine conveniently brings natural hair care products to the student body. As one of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Cheyney University was the perfect fit for the first Beauty Supply Vending Machine from Mobeauty Supply Vending.

“As someone who is passionate about her community and the beauty supply business, I was thrilled when Marcia Brown from Cheyney University expressed her interest in setting up these machines on their campus. This is just the beginning for HBCUs and for the future of black-owned enterprises.”- Maureen Washington

In recent years, the beauty industry has expanded the product offerings available to the black community. This expansion has created greater opportunities for emerging black-owned beauty businesses to flourish. Mobeauty Supply Vending Machines has opened up the opportunity for other business owners to pursue beauty supply vending machines of their own. By taking beauty supply to the next level with these innovative investments entrepreneurs nationwide will now have an easier time starting a business of their very own.

Adding a Mobeauty Supply Vending Machine to a location near you is guaranteed to cause some buzz. Mobeauty Supply Vending Machines are available for purchase nationwide to add convenient beauty supplies to malls, hotels, universities, gyms, and more. Beauty Supply Vending Machines are available in three different types including nail vending machines, cosmetic vending machines, and beauty supply vending machines. Machines prices begin at $4,995. Beauty Vending Machines can be customized for your branding and product preferences.

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Mobeauty Supply Vending Machines is a black women-owned company at the forefront of innovative specialty vending machines. Business Owners Maureen Washington and Cynthia Childrey-Hameen aspire to bring black beauty products to convenient locations near you with customizable beauty supply vending machines.

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