Miss Claus And Her Bunnies

This is a cheerful Christmas story that will transport the
reader right into the North Pole through the book’s vibrant artwork and whimsical plot.

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, September 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The newly released festive children’s book by Dr. Barbara ten Brink is set for its first major book event feature at the 2021

AASL National Conference

“The book’s message is not only meant for the Christmas season. Its unique story combines with beautiful artwork to not only form a new type of Christmas story but also to teach young readers about responsibility.” —The US Review of Books.

Associating the Christmas season to not just reindeers and elves but also the fluffy little creatures called bunnies, Dr. Barbara ten Brink’s Miss Claus and her Bunnies is a swerve from her usual genres of fictionalized stories of the world’s famous real-life scientists who contributed to various areas of science. This is a cheerful Christmas story that will transport the reader right into the North Pole through the book’s vibrant artwork and whimsical plot.

While reading the book, young readers will find themselves working with the elves in Santa’s workshop to prepare for the big night of delivering gifts to children in town and hovering above the reindeers as they gear up for the long night of touring the whole world to deliver gifts. The joy and magic of the Christmas season dribble out of every artwork and detailed narrative, from the mythical creatures that we only heard of, this is a Christmas lore come to life. The narrative includes comical scenes of rabbits and Elizabeth Claus testing out toys, stuffed animals, and other common children’s favorites. Some creatures are assigned for “FASHION FITTING” and Santa and Elizabeth Claus’ nutritionists. This is a fun-packed children’s book that is heavy with the elements of festivity and fable.

Apart from the book’s entertainment factor, Miss Claus and Her Bunnies promotes the value of including others who may be different from them and empowers readers tasked with great responsibility to find their purpose early in life. Because after all, it is on purpose that we struggle to live and survive. Teamwork and finding your place in the community were also put in the foreground.

Learn more about Miss Elizabeth Claus, her bunnies, and the rest of Santa’s crew who work together ahead of the most-awaited Christmas eve by grabbing your copy of the book at www.barbaratenbrinkbooks.com.

You can also catch Miss Claus and Her Bunnies and the rest of Dr. Barbara ten Brink’s work at the 2021 American Association of School Librarians (AASL) National Conference.

Miss Claus and Her Bunnies
Written by: Dr. Barbara ten Brink
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