Michel Bernard Discusses Website Optimization with Market Business News

GATINEAU, QUEBEC, CANADA, February 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Digital marketing expert Michel Bernard was featured in a recent publication for Market Business News, sharing his insights on the process of website optimization.

According to Michel Bernard, if a company’s website is not optimized, businesses risk alienating their customers and making their products and services more difficult to access. Drawing from his expert insights, Bernard described the steps that a company should follow in order to optimize their website.

The first step is to build an online presence that attracts potential consumers through engaging content. Bernard explained that a company’s online presence should be optimized through a variety of channels, including: a website, social media, and an email list. When creating that website, companies need to ensure that the website functions smoothly on both desktop and mobile devices.

Bernard warned that if customers find that they have a difficult time completing a purchase on your site, they will walk away and abandon their carts. As well, once you draw your consumer with a mobile-friendly website, you can keep their attention with strong landing pages and updated page titles.
Each product or promotion should have a dedicated landing page and it’s a good idea to create a slogan that uses your top keyword and put that in the title of your website, explained Bernard.

The final steps are to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing optimization tactics and check the website speed to ensure it responds quickly and effectively at all times.

Taking the time to work on your website and your online presence will pay off in clicks, visits, customers, and sales figures, Michel Bernard explained.

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About Michel Bernard

Michel Bernard has spent years improving and enhancing his skills in the world of digital marketing. He uses his significant experience and skills in advertising to bring creative solutions to marketing problems. Starting out as a copywriter for numerous Toronto based ad firms, Michel gained a great deal of experience learning from some of the industry’s foremost talents. After years working as a writer, Michel began looking for ways to expand his skill set within the marketing and advertising industry. Eventually, he created enough of a client base to start his own firm, where he provides top quality marketing solutions for individuals and business owners based around the Gatineau/Outaouais region of Quebec.

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