Michael Mitchell: Pride in Being a Scholar-Athlete

Michael Mitchell Penfield NY

Michael Mitchell Penfield NY – Academic Scholar

Michael Mitchell Penfield NY Balances Academics and Sports

Michael Mitchell Penfield NY Balances Academics and Sports

Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY has been finding success in all of his endeavors

PENFIELD, NY, USA, May 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Michael Mitchell Penfield NY grew up in Penfield and has been finding success in all of his endeavors whether they be academic or athletic. Michael has learned to apply his intellect with his scholarly pursuits through the studies of Actuarial Science as well as expanding his knowledge through Computer and Information Science. He has found a balance between his academic pursuits and his desire to engage in athletics too.

Early Years of Sports

Michael Mitchell Penfield NY has competed in many sports throughout his early school years. Sports that Michael has excelled at include lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. Michael has played with Blaze Lacrosse a local team through his high school years. He found this to be a rewarding experience that helped him hone his skills. During his senior year for lacrosse, Michael earned the honor of US Lacrosse Academic All-American. Michael Mitchell Penfield NY was honored with Scholar-Athlete of the Week for Section V. These have been great achievements for Michael that have given him discipline in his school studies as well. Michael received the Michael Sproule Student-Athlete Award which was a school-wide award given to one man and one woman from his school representing excellence in sports and classwork. 

Michael Mitchell Penfield NY Values Academics and Sports Balanced

Academics are important to Michael Mitchell of Penfield NY. In January of 2020, Michael successfully passed his first actuarial science exam. This has been another step in his goal to work professionally in this field. Math and science have always been key points of study for Michael and he finds the subjects fascinating. His desire to learn more about actuarial science coupled with his propensity for math will assure that Michael succeeds in his life goals. As he attends Ohio State University, Michael Mitchell Penfield NY still plays sports with lacrosse being one of his favorites. Michael also enjoys music including Kanye West and other performers.

Relaxing and Moving Forward

In between all of his hard work, Michael Mitchell of Penfield likes to hang out with his friends and play Xbox. Michael also enjoys Game of Thrones and other shows when he finds time to relax. Michael likes spending time with his family and has had many fun trips including experiences in Hawaii and Florida. He follows some political figures like Andrew Yang and shares some views. One way that Michael has always found to relax is through playing lacrosse and other sports and has always included that in his activities.

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