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“Connect to your Real Estate Partner with Metervalue”

DUBLIN, IRELAND, June 22, 2021 / — Expands into UK & Europe
A One-Stop Solution Platform for Real Estate Professionals is Set to Shake-Up the Global Property Market with One-Stop Solution Platform the “go-to” real estate platform dedicated to connecting Realtor/Real Estate , Agencies, Developers, Builder and Construction firm and investors, is set to go online 21st June 2021 in the UK and Europe, providing unique inter-regional business opportunities. For many this will be a long-awaited moment,for the Top Class professional firms can now list properties and showcase larger development projects- allowing anyone interested- to network and create partnerships in one same place.

Future hub for real estate professionals

Since its recent inception predominantly in Spanish-speaking Latin America, Argentinian Guillermo Minardi and Irish-born Tom Conway, who brings 45 years of experience from the financial and international consultancy sector, joined forces to offer an improved service to real estate professionals and potential investors interested in construction and development projects in both the public and private sector.

Through its intuitive, easy-to-navigate and multi-lingual online platform, Meter Value is creating a hub for exchanging and doing business within a trusted environment. The tandem today, co-head the ambitious project after recognising a real need to create a global presence and reliable network including mainland Europe and UK. What makes Meter Value a boutique platform is that its concept is based on featuring portfolio properties that can include large scale private or public development projects worth 5 billion EUR or more. Experts from different sectors like engineers, real estate agents, surveyors, architects, builders and investors can network and exchange with one another on one platform. Potential investors can find peace of mind knowing they are getting reliable country-specific know-how before committing themselves.

New synergies give impetus to property industry

With a global economy just starting to recover, new business synergies have become vital in rebooting the property market. Both Minardi and Conway who in addition to managing Meter Value head Accretum Group and EU Family Office HK respectively, recognise that despite the economic fragility, new trends such as hybrid working are giving rise to new business opportunities. In addition to building Meter Value’s LATAM and EUROPE MARKETS, will launch Asia, India in November 2021 and then later rolling out into the Middle East and Africa, future projects in the pipeline include branching out into other areas such as sustainable housing development.

To mark its arrival to the European market, is offering new subscribers 2 months of free listing for up to 6 commercial or large-scale properties,looking for investors or are you an investor looking for a project.

“Connect to your Real Estate Partner with Metervalue”

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