Memphis 1st Black Feature Filmmaker Anthony Elmore ask Soul Man Song Writer David Porter to comment on Memphis Racism

While Black Filmmaker Tyler Perry created a Multi-Billion dollar film culture in Atlanta. Memphis Mayors support Film Commissioner Linn Sitler who refuse to acknowledge the fact that Amp Elmore a Black man created Memphis 1st Independent Feature film starting in 1987.

Linn Sitler with the help of Alonzo Woods defrauded the Memphis public with her Self-aggrandizement movie marker. Linn Sitler erased the Black Film History of Anthony Elmore & used tax payer funds to erect a statue crediting her and Alonzo Woods. This is Fraud & abuse

We noted to Memphis City Attorney Alan Wade that our case against Linn Sitler involves, racism, White Supremacy, Fraud. We requested that the media investigate our charges for public Interest. Attorney Alan Wade declined our request for media investigation.

Anthony Elmore Memphis 1st Feature Filmmaker ask David Porter the famous Memphis duo writer of the song “Soul Man” to comment on racism at the Film Commission

There comes a time when silence is betrayal. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that Matter. We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends”

— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

MEMPHIS, TN, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2021 / — Anthony “Amp” Elmore is best known in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee as the “Five Time World Karate/Kickboxing Champion.” Named in the Memphis magazine in 1983 as 100 of the most influential Memphians Elmore was the first to bring E.S.P.N. to Memphis in 1981. Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen featured Elmore in a hometown Hero add with the late Memphis Grammy Award Winner Issac Hayes. Memphis Song writer Issac Hayes and David Porter wrote the famous Memphis Song “Soul Man” that was released by Sam and Dave in 1967.

David Porter was inducted into the National Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York in 2005. Currently he is still writing and producing. He has served on many boards. He has served as chairman of the Memphis/Shelby County Film, Tape and Music Commission. In May of 2021 Elmore filed a two million dollar lawsuit against the Memphis Film and tape Commission and its director Linn Sitler. While Elmore calls on the Soul Man David Porter to comment on Memphis White Supremacy and Racism Elmore in 2019 became the 1st person in Memphis history to do a film that chronicles 200 years of Black Memphis History. In the film Elmore gives a take on the downfall of Stax. Elmore in his film notes that at the core it was Racism and White Supremacy that destroyed Stax.

Elmore explains that “I want the Soul Man to comment on the Memphis White Supremacy Racism he has experienced” with the Memphis Shelby County Film Commission. Elmore explains that I know the significance of “Soul Man because I lived it.” What Song writer David Porter must understand that my movie “The Contemporary Gladiator” that I started shooting in 1987 was “Soul Man.” Elmore explains to White people in America the Song had a different meaning than for us African/Americans. The one thing we African/Americans had that was “uniquely Black” was our “Soul.” In 1967 we could not say we were Black and proud but we could say that we were a “Soul Man.”

Elmore notes that while the song “Soul Man” represented a Black achievement in 1967 it was 20 years later that we made a “Significant Step” for Black Memphis when I wrote, produced, directed, stared and scored Memphis 1st Independent 35mm Film ” The Contemporary Gladiator”. Elmore notes that the “correlation” that happen to me in Memphis happen to Stax records in Memphis. Elmore notes that to explain the relationship we must turn to Atlanta, Georgia. In 1973 Atlanta, Georgia elected a progressive Black Mayor by the name of Maynard Jackson who mandated that 25% of the City’s business went to minority firms. When we compare Memphis to Atlanta facts will reveal that Stax music was destroyed because it would have grown into a multi-billion dollar economic Black powerhouse.

As late as September 2021 White Memphis Shelby County Film Commissioner Linn Sitler refuse to acknowledge this Memphis produced Black film as Memphis 1st Independent Feature film.

In 1972 Stax went into the movie business with the production 0f the film Watts Stax whereas the event attracted 112,000 people and the film was nominated for a Golden Globe award for best documentary 1974. In 2020, the film was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”.

The Library of Congress preserved the movie “Watts Stax” because the movie is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” Elmore explains that our 1987 Film “The Contemporary Gladiator” is “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” Our film is not only Memphis 1st Black Independent feature film our movie is Memphis 1st Independent feature film. Historically the film is significant because the film is not only Black Memphis history, the film “The Contemporary Gladiator is Memphis history.”

The Wall Street Journal once described Memphis as a “backwards city with a plantation mentality.” While in Atlanta Georgia Black Filmmaker Tyler Perry created a multi-billion dollar Black Film industry the Memphis Shelby County Film Commission and the City of Memphis and the County of Shelby has an issue recognizing the fact that a Black man living in the Historic Black Community of “Orange Mound” is Memphis 1st Independent Feature filmmaker.

Facts reveal that Linn Sitler subverted Elmore’s 1987 film production. While Elmore was Linn Sitler’s 1st client Linn Sitler failed to announce to the Memphis media about the Black Feature film production.. Elmore brought to Memphis at his home in “Orange Mound” the 1st Independent feature film crew in Memphis history. The issue to Linn Sitler was the film crew was “all Black.” Elmore explains that Linn Sitler not at one time visited our movie set and when our movie premiered in August of 1988 Linn Sitler did not attend the movie premier nor did the Film Commission support movie premier via news releases, press conferences, receptions nor in anyway did the Film Commission Support Elmore’s movie by way of acknowledgement. Linn Sitler has not invited Elmore to anything film related in 34 years.

Linn Sitler has the support of White Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland and Black Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris. The film Commission board chairman is an African/American female by the name of Gail Jones Carson. In Memphis Tennessee Black Films and Black Filmmakers are not important. Elmore explains that we have incontrovertible evidence to prove that I am Memphis 1st Independent feature filmmaker, however the racist Memphis culture of White Supremacy and racism would not allow our community to reckon with the fact that a Black man is Memphis first Independent feature filmmaker.

Elmore explains that “Soul Man Co-writer” David Porter can make a difference via speaking up for what is right and state that we should acknowledge Black History even if does not support “White Supremacy.” Elmore explains that we got to laugh at Memphis, Tennessee Elmore states: “Them white racist state:” “Them Coloreds are taking over, now we got some Colored man Claiming he is Memphis 1st Independent Feature filmmaker, What’s our White World coming to!”

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