Memoir Chronicles “A Sojourn in Switzerland”

A Sojourn in Switzerland

A Sojourn in Switzerland

Sharon Janssen

Sharon Janssen

Sharon Janssen recounts priceless family movements, scenic locales

KANSAS, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2021 / — A nation in the heart of Europe, a crossroads of art and culture, and a land with rich history and breathtaking sights, Switzerland is a unique nation. In her memoir, author Sharon Janssen recounts family experiences through the years, particularly the priceless moments she shared with her son and his family living in that nation.

Entertaining and educational, Janssen’s account takes readers on a vivid journey through the country. This includes the time she was in Switzerland with her son and family after her retirement and also encompasses her family experiences throughout the years. With this book, Janssen also shares her love for traveling. Since retiring she has embarked on 25 voyages overseas and in the United States. The wonder of discovery, of immersing oneself in a new locale, of meeting new people and learning their ways, as well as indulging in their delicacies, this is what Janssen passes on to her readers. She also wrote this book for her family of three adult children, four grandchildren and five great grandchildren – serving as an heirloom as well as a beckoning to go off the beaten path and travel.

Janssen’s recollection also conveys the priceless moments with her son, as is also a story of motherhood and the rewards of being a parent. Inspired by her father’s heroic efforts, Janssen dreamed of being a hero when she was little and tried to live a life setting that example by working hard, being responsible and standing firm even when life is difficult and requires perseverance – and with her memoir she shows how she has been very fortunate and has reaped many benefits, including the opportunity to venture to distant lands.

“I hope you find this book interesting, entertaining, and educational, perhaps enticing a desire to travel.” Janssen says to her readers. With “A Sojourn in Switzerland” they will certainly be transported to the European country, to its cities and towns, its streets and its restaurants, accompanying the author and her family as they partake in the joyful experience of exploration and sate their wanderlust.

About the Author
Over ten years ago, Sharon Janssen retired from life as a corporate accountant after a fruitful career lasting 25 years. She was married for 27 years and has been single for 36 years. She has traveled extensively and loves playing bridge and sports. Janssen has a passion for designing and designed their family home in the country 50 years ago as well as the home she has been living in for 24 years. She sang in their church choir for over 17 years.

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