Meet the Djambla: Pitch changing foot pedal for drums coming to Kickstarter Sept. 30/21

The Djambla & drum

The Djambla Revolution

The Djambla Revolution

Steven Sacky Djembe

Steven Sacky Djembe

The Djambla uses the acoustics of any drum to dynamically change the pitch for tympani or tabla-like effects without touching the head of the drum.

I used the Djambla on a djembe and pedaled a wide array of articulations, tunings, and dynamics! So clean and pure like the notes were always there. Once you use a Djambla, you can’t go back!!””

— Traz Damji

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 27, 2021 / — The Djambla’s brilliance is that it’s the first to use the acoustic physics present in any drum to deliver pure pitch-changing tones. A foot pedal controls a piston that travels up and down the inside of the drum, restricting and releasing the airflow to change the pitch up to 5 notes, using no electronics or wires, no stretching of the drumhead, no stress on the drum whatsoever. It’s called the Djambla because it makes a djembe drum sound like the Indian tabla.


“The Djambla is a really clever device! It opens the door to sound manipulation for drummers and percussionists like stomp-boxes do for guitars. The difference is that it does it acoustically, changing the pitch of a drum in the middle of a performance or even mid-note. Tabla or timpani-like parts can be executed on hand drums. The creative possibilities are endless; it’s the invention of the whammy bar made for drummers!” claims Jamie Sitar, three-time Juno Award Winner.

With a patent application pending internationally, inventor Hannu Rauma and his 5 sons have spent the last 2 years perfecting their prototype out of their 2 car garage in Vancouver, Canada, and they’re ready to take it to market. The technology covers applications for the entire spectrum of drums, but they’re starting small and putting their focus on popular hand drums such as djembes, doumbeks, and darbukas.

“A skilled drummer can produce as many as 50 different tones on a djembe or darbuka, just by the way they strike the drum. Give them 5 notes to play with and their sound palette explodes! New technologies are usually met with resistance but we’re hoping enough early adopters will see this as an exciting opportunity to help us show the drumming world the importance of polyphonic drums,” says Rauma.

The Rauma team already has the 2nd generation Djambla in the works with multi-drum setups that span complete octaves. For now, the goal is to attract enough attention to their product with their Djambla REVO which features a complete Djambla setup, including drum, for only $99 launching on Kickstarter on September 30, 2021.

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Ghana native Steve Sacky plays the 12″ djembe with the Djambla Guru

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