MeChat FinTech Messenger: Introducing, the Worlds First All-In-One Back Office Automation Software

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The heart of MeChat: QR Codes

The heart of MeChat: QR Codes

Back Office Automation for Running a Business with Little or No Experience.

MeChat Helps Entreprenuers Think Bigger By Removing The Obstacles that Prevent Founders from Becoming Successful CEOS”

— Antonio James

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, July 8, 2021 / —
MeChat is an all in one Back Office Automation platform launches to give freelancers, contractors, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups the tools to mitigate the most common, company-specific risks that causes small business failure. With MeChat freelances become entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs become founders, and founders scale globally with streamline workloads, trusted advisors, software to improve productivity, and a community to achieve maximum results as a team.

According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) 70% of all startups and small business fail by year 10 due to known and preventable factors, that MeChat easily solves, such as running out of money, inexperience in running a business, and poor business planning and marketing. “MeChat Helps Entreprenuers Think Bigger By Removing The Obstacles that Prevent Founders from Becoming Successful CEOS,” says Antonio James, founder, “While MeChat offers trusted advisors and consultants, entrepreneurs use MeChat as a self-serve, à la carte FinTech Messenger where entrepreneurs pick and choose which business processes to automate based on the objectives that they are trying to accomplish.

After businesses select which tools that they need to succeed, MeChat customizes and tailor their systems to match each business’ unique requirements and to evolve with the company as they grow providing entrepreneurs with the software, tools, community, support, and everything that they will need to quickly react to market changes, start and grow a business full time with little or no experience in tax law, USA incorporation compliance, running a business, or leadership skills.

With MeChat new owners can receive peace of mind by setting their business up to run efficiently on autopilot while the founders and their businesses achieve maximum results and success as a team. Some of the tools that MeChat offers businesses are:
* Combined Workflows
* Dashboards and CRMS
* Sales Funnels and Reports
* Policies and Bylaws
* QR codes and Online Storefronts
* Inventory and Order Management
* Payment Processing and Invoicing
* Financial, Tax, and Asset Tracking
* Front Office Automation
* Back Office Automation
* Business Intelligence
* Business Execution Plans

To Get A Business On MeChat, entreprenuers can get started by signing their business up on

After signing up on, you will login to either Main Street or your online News Desk, which represents your business.

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MeChat QR Product Store: MeChat QR Code Generator Free

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