“Meaning of Life in a Box”- the Most Unusual Startup to Emerge from COVID?

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Group utilizes Smart phone technology to maximize new Emotional Highs every Day

CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — A startup founded by Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Stanford students has emerged from the Pandemic with a product that claims to offer a bit more than a delivered pizza: Meaning of Life in a Box (MOLIAB).

“We saw that people have come to expect everything to be delivered to their homes in a box these days” says co-founder Mirna Saraswati. “So we thought, why not a Life purpose itself? We know how grandiose that sounds, but the more we worked it out the more we realized it’s actually quite feasible”.

There is no actual ‘box’; that’s just a metaphor for convenience. According to MOLIAB, when you ask most people what their Life’s goal is, they’ll cite something like advancing world peace, having a wonderful family, or something similar. The problem is that such goals are vague and hard to measure, and no one really arrives at a successful conclusion, because there is always another hill to climb.

“But that problem is easier when you see life as a sequence of thousands of MOMENTS, each different from any other moment that has ever occurred, and each a powerful opportunity to find its own unique fulfillment NOW”, says MOLIAB Research Director Amy Chang. “It’s not hard to determine the most fulfilling way to live in THIS MOMENT. The mother who sets eyes on her newborn for the first time, the hiker who is overwhelmed by a sunset, the listener inspired by great music, even the experience of Mother Theresa, who said that a highlight of her life was when she sat with a dying person and saw them smile as they passed; those provide all the purpose you need. If you can maximize the number of such moments one experiences every day, which is what modern tech allows us to do– you can end each day with a significant sense of fulfillment.”

Key to the group’s work is the notion that just as we have a dietary Recommended Daily Allowance for vitamins, we can have an RDA for emotional and psychological ‘nutrients’ too. “We find that when every day you experience, both alone and with our congenial groups reached through Zooms and cellphone apps, massive quantities of what are called the Noble Emotions”, says co-founder Augustus Swinburne, “such as Awe, Gratitude, Communal Brainstorming, Laughter, Curiosity, and Courageous actions furthering the common Good, everyone feels supercharged not only by their own unique contributions, but by a sense of belonging to a greater Whole.”

This is achieved by means of things like daily TikTok and Instagram Challenges devoted to new approaches to Climate Change, Laughter Yoga sessions, communal decision making through Swarm Intelligence, and Zoom rooms featuring live interactions with hundreds of animals and natural phenomena around the world through live webcams.

In the late 1940’s, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists introduced the world to the Doomsday Clock, which estimates how close Humanity is to destroying itself. MOLIAB counters this negative viewpoint with the Sustainability Sundial, which inspires by noting even the tiniest advances towards a survivable future. The Sundial is the world’s largest community-created Mind Map devoted to heralding developments leading to a thriving Earth.

According to Swinburne, “These intense shared experiences bring out the best in everyone, like the cooperative spirit that led to victories in World Wars and moon landings. A healthy planet requires consistently inspired individuals. Such people can cultivate the kinds of profound, deeply moving and inspiring interactions that many only experience a few times in a lifetime. We can have those experiences every day.”

For more information see Meaningoflifeinabox.net

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