MAYADORO adds $41K of Gold & Diamonds on Canines to Set a New Uncompromising Love Apex for Dog Lovers

New luxury brand spreads the wealth to dogs with a one-of-a-kind collar fit for a king’s best friend.

We create little Masterpieces that will last forever, symbolizing an everlasting bond.”

— Beate Schuerle

LUGANO, PARADISO, SWITZERLAND, September 1, 2021 / — Designed to give dog lover a precious way to show their endless love and companionship, a new brand has tipped the scales forever. Enter MAYADORO. It is a new luxury lifestyle brand poised to redefine fine jewelry for both humans and their beloved four-legged treasures. Creating a new world where diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and topaz all await their turn to adorn the necks of faithful pets, MAYADORO has set a new standard. But, the new benchmark is not entirely about opulence for four-legged friends. It is about a living homage for the dog owner as well with a starting price point of $41,000. Given the world’s fascination with pets, wasn’t high jewelry for dogs next on the must have list?

Handcrafted in either 14 or 18 carat yellow, white, or rose gold, the Masterpiece MAYADORO Dog Collar has 170 hand-selected gemstones depending on the size of the collar. Diamonds, sapphires, red rubies, emeralds and Swiss blue topaz are the dazzling formula of the breath-taking design. Handmade in Tuscany, Italy, the collar can be sized, and the type and color of the precious stones, gold, and leather can be chosen. This high jewelry version of the MAYADORO Dog Collar is made to order.

Not to be missed, the luxury brand also offers fine jewelry for dogs and their owners at price points between $600 and $2,600. In an interesting twist, its charms can be changed from the dog collar to a bracelet for the owner.

Adding to the luxury, MAYADORO offers a next-generation e-commerce option with their 3D configurator real-time customizer. Found on their website, the unique 3D customizer allows clients to compose their own individual dog collar, harness, or bracelet in real-time.

MAYADORO founder, Beate Schuerle, said, “Our line celebrates the very essence of love shared by owners and dogs alike: an alliance of inestimable value, a treasured, deep and emotional excellence. That is why our brand transforms collars, harnesses, leashes, and other accessories in unique, exclusive and precious jewels. We create little Masterpieces that will last forever, symbolizing an everlasting bond.”

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MAYADORO is a registered Trademark of Beate Schuerle, the owner of Beate Schuerle Consulting.

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Beate Schuerle held a position as International Director jewelry for a globally renowned fashion brand. In addition to her passion and work for MAYADORO, Beate Schuerle advises companies on brand management and supports start-ups as a coach.

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