MATRIX Industries Selects Blue Clover Devices for Batteryless UWB Module

Ultra-wideband solution may support contact tracing applications in battle against Covid-19

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 28, 2021 / — MATRIX Industries, the first company to put thermoelectric energy harvesting into silicon, announces the selection of Blue Clover to develop an Ultrawideband (UWB) connectivity solution that is powered by body heat and is 100% batteryless. The module has a single capacitor to provide the power and it is continuously recharged using MATRIX’s thermoelectric generator. This module can support many use cases including the health monitoring wearables and industrial sensors.

“Blue Clover is known in the industry as a trusted partner in developing IoT devices and we’re happy to be working with them,” said MATRIX CEO Akram Boukai.

“With our recent push to champion more eco-friendly electronics, we are delighted to help MATRIX showcase their state-of-the-art energy harvesting technology,” said Pete Staples, CEO of Blue Clover.

MATRIX INDUSTRIES was established in 2011 as a Silicon Valley material science company by CEO Akram Boukai and CTO Douglas Tham. The team consists of doctoral graduates from California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of California San Diego, and veterans with over 25 years of advanced technology dissemination activities. It consists of development and production experts.

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Blue Clover Devices is an ODM specializing in IoT devices. The firm believes that well-engineered devices can have a positive impact on our planet and is working collaboratively to eliminate e-waste by making devices that are durable, repairable, and recyclable. Clients around the world use Blue Clover’s award-winning Production Line Tool (PLT) for firmware flashing and test automation.

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