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Enhanced Filing Host and Bureau Circular Tracking Solutions

NEWTOWN SQUARE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 / — Martin & Company is a leading consulting and advisory firm to the insurance industry and has announced exciting new enhancements to their SaaS Data Solutions. Their state filing management solution, OneView, and bureau circular monitoring/workflow tool, MyCircularActivity, are changing the way insurance carriers, MGA’s and programs administrators meet the demands of managing their current and historical state filings and compliance initiatives.

OneView has proven to be an efficient and effective alternative in the marketplace that is very valuable to the day-to-day end-users. This state filing management solution is a single repository to view current and historical filings that would otherwise only be available by a company SERFF instance. OneView has freed companies that were handcuffed by legacy processes and expensive two-way alternatives. OneView is an affordable industry alternative, it is a user-friendly solution, and it solves a company’s state filing and hosting worries. OneView’s form and rate/rule library provides companies with the ability to quickly and easily locate and validate state filing details to assist with ensuring compliance. is an absolute gamechanger for the insurance industry. Every company writing bureau-based business needs to review hundreds of circulars that are released during the course of a year. “It’s a challenging and time-consuming task that many companies stress over in an effort to remain current and in compliance.” said Paul P, Martin, Founder & President of Martin & Company. One of the enhanced features of is the workflow component, which allows a user to assign tasks and track progress from the time a circular is released until it is implemented into a policy issuance/rating system. All data is searchable and exportable, replacing legacy spreadsheets and processes. An additional highlight of is the ability to attach the approved state filing to the actual bureau record. “This is an invaluable feature; an end user can generate an on-demand report reflecting the bulletin and respective filing information, which has many benefits including addressing market conduct inquiries. This is a huge time saver and assists with ensuring compliance.” said Sonja Rodebaugh, Vice President & Director of Compliance. With in place insurance companies will gain efficiencies and be in a better position to maintain compliance and respond to regulatory exams.

Martin and Company’s technology team has spent years developing and building solutions that are geared towards making insurance operations more manageable. We understand the challenges that many regulatory and compliance personnel face trying to take on these back-office tasks with limited resources. The team at M&C has a very strong background with state filings and compliance initiatives and are recognized as an industry leader in this very technical space.

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Martin & Company is recognized as being one of the best service provider partners in the insurance industry. We engage with customers that value our partnership and trust our experience and take on a holistic approach to managing their projects. Our team of professionals have decades of experience and support all property and casualty lines of business, specialty markets, program business, as well as life, accident, and health lines.

M&C’s leadership team is a strategic, forward-thinking group that has advised and consulted with many national, regional, and local carriers and agents throughout the United States. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with decision makers looking to align themselves with a reliable, successful, and respected partner. Martin & Company is headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. For more information visit

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