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Publishing Technology “Subway” Market Map 2021


NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 27, 2021 / — The Market Survey of ERP and CMS Software Solutions Serving Global Publishing Companies – 2021 identifies over 200 software and services companies supporting global publishers and content owners. The 165 page report includes a comprehensive market review as well as detailed functional and technical descriptions of the primary software applications provided for enterprise resource planning (ERP), title, editorial and production (TEP), contracts, rights and royalties (CRR) and content management (CMS).

About the Market Survey for Publishing Software – 2021:

A rapid migration to content subscription models is challenging old software systems and outmoded data management and processes which, in turn, is driving new technology investment. Vendors supplying publishing industry software solutions remain small in size (less than $25mm in total revenue) and the market is fragmented with finite avenues available for funding and investment. As a result of these dynamics, business model changes to service and software subscription-based models will challenge revenue objectives, staffing and investment in the short- to medium-term, but will become beneficial in the long term for vendors. Several leading software vendors are out in front in making this transition to SaaS and subscription models but many vendors lag the market.

In the aggregate, technology spending levels (as a percentage of revenue) for the 60 largest publishers match the levels of companies operating in much larger business segments (e.g., consumer products). Most leading publishing software vendors are planning to rebuild, or are in the process of rebuilding, their technology stacks to enable flexible open software solutions. Technology solutions are becoming integrated with product development and delivery, creating opportunities for and challenges to IT staff goals when it comes to budgeting, planning and revenue.

“…the report helped us avoid what could have been a very expensive mistake when we were looking to replace an important set of backoffice applications which run our business.” – Mike S., IT Director (Scholarly Publisher)

The Market Research Survey features a competitive study of the top 30 providers and a ‘subway-style’ market map identifying over 200 vendors supplying the global publishing marketplace.

Description of the report:
• Identifies the top global suppliers/vendors of software and services to the publishing and content industries with 30 in-depth business profiles
• Market review, drivers and outlook for infrastructure software by type and application
• Challenges, outlook and technology strategy for the industry
• Top 30 providers profiled in detail via primary research

Product application segments covered in this report:
• Order-to-cash including revenue cycle, subscription and business model and finance
• Product management including production workflow and scheduling, product information, product information distribution
• Rights & royalties: Rights acquisition in/out, contract management, rights management, royalty processing and accounting
• Customer information management
• Content management including workflow management, content hosting, metadata management, access and entitlement

The Market Research Survey defines primary application modules and technology priorities for vendors and customers in the top 30 including: Klopotek, FADEL, Silverchair, Virtusales, AdvanceCS, Highwire Press, PubFactory, Filmtrack, IPTOR and others.

Market Overview:

The Market Survey of ERP and CMS Software Solutions Serving Global Publishing Companies – 2021 sets out the parameters for evaluating which providers customers will want to look at as they make decisions about investing in new technology. Technology investment is a significant undertaking for any company, regardless of sophistication, and our report provides a framework for identifying the best options for your business.

“the [Infrastructure] report helped us save a considerable amount of time in the selection of applicable vendors for our technology project and Michael’s concurrent consulting advice helped guide our process. We enjoyed working with him on this project.” – Shelly B., Operations Director (Education Publisher)

Resources are tight and expertise is frequently in short supply, so this report and our consulting knowledge will help you ask the right questions and shorten your evaluation process. Time is money and no one wants to waste valuable time and effort evaluating vendors who aren’t right for your business.

“In our view the most comprehensive report for software vendors supporting publishing and information companies.” – Partner, Private Equity

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We expect increased merger and acquisition activity in this sector over the next 12-24 months as competitors see the value in combining resources, pooling anticipated investment expenses and broadening market penetration. Additionally, mid-market ERP software companies with no publishing and media offering are likely to view the leading vendors identified in this report as potential acquisition targets.

Target Audience of the Market Survey of ERP and CMS Software Solutions Serving Global Publishing Companies – 2021:
• Publishers and content producers seeking detailed information on potential suppliers of software and services
• Investors and other similar parties looking for competitive information about this industry
• Vendors/suppliers searching for information about competitors, markets and strategies across this market

Reasons to buy this report:
• If you are considering any investment in technology in the coming year and/or if you want to understand the competitive environment for these products
• To gather essential background information and details needed to ‘pre-select’ vendors based on core functionality, technology capability, customer base and company size
• If you are considering an acquisition or investment in this sector
• To save time in identifying/shortlisting preferred vendors, contact details and ‘hidden’ providers
• To benefit from invaluable consulting time (included with your purchase) with our knowledgeable analyst who will provide added insight and answer specific questions about our findings

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