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NEW YORK, USA, May 14, 2021 / — Market Pathways, the investing website, today shared insights into Lordstown Motors Corp (LMC). Founded in 2019, LMC started developing a full-size, all-electric Endurance truck. It was a move that allowed them to begin progressing to market faster than other automakers, including industry giants like General Motors.

Despite reports that undisclosed former employees stated LMC wouldn’t begin production until at least 2024, the electric vehicles (EVs) are on the brink of being on roads and highways. The company recently released their first “betas,” which come off the production line using robotic welding. Each unit is essentially 97% of the finished vehicle. LMC intends to use them for crash, engineering, and validation testing. According to software crash simulations, the Endurance already has a 5-star crash rating. Production is on target for a September 2021 start date.

“Really, this is the future,” said Governor Mike DeWine after a private tour. “I think this truck has a great… advantage over its competitors.”

Did LMC Have Their First Test Drive Catch on Fire?
Some investigative reporting and research firms have suggested that a development mule from this LMC project in January that caught on fire was the first test drive of the Endurance. LMC has video evidence of the EV getting driven for over eight months.

With the release of potential misinformation, some analysts think that the critical information about LMC is meant to appease short-sellers who bet against the automaker. “(Lordstown) is threatening the status quo,” said U.S. Representative Tim Ryan (D), who represents the Youngstown area. “A lot of people are going to bet against them, figuratively and literally.”

“You don’t get to the top of the mountain without a bunch of people trying to drag you down,” said Rep. Ryan.

Steve Burns, who serves as LMC’s Chief Executive Officer, conducted an interview with Fox Business on March 5, 2021. The interviewer suggested that the company had 100,000 orders, but Burns corrected the comment to explain that it was preorders.

Although the exact number of preorders that plan to convert to orders is currently unknown, Burns credits Tesla’s use of a reservation system to create interest for a new product while still in the production planning stages.

How Much Demand Does LMC Expect to Have?
Despite the short reports released to the media, E-Square has confirmed that they plan to purchase LMC vehicles once they are market-ready. Chris Kerzich, who serves as the Director of Government Relations and Corporate Affairs for LMC, says that it will take at least a couple of years to fulfill that demand.

“That demand does not even include Federal and state vehicles, which must go through a procurement process,” said Kerzich, “so we are primarily focused right now on meeting the commercial demand we have.”

Although some investors speak of uncertainties because LMC is taking a different approach than Tesla to bring EVs to the marketplace, Burns says there is a reason for that approach. They intend to come out for the middle market immediately since the technology is more mature than when Elon Musk introduced his first vehicles.

LMC means a lot to its community. Although there will always be doubters, doing something different is what changes the world for the better.

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