Market Demand for Virtual Experiences is Driving a Cultural Revolution for Creative Technology Company Vytal Studios

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While many organizations embrace the “gig economy” Vytal studios is creating a counter culture, they want their people to stay onboard their entire career

I chose Vytal Studios because I fell in love with its overall inclusive and open-minded work culture. From what I have seen, Vytal treats all its employees as one big family.”

— Brady Blauvelt

RICHMOND, VA, UNITED STATES, September 28, 2021 / — “We’re hiring, constantly.” That’s the message Jim Smith, CEO of Vytal Studios gave us when asked about growth in midst of a Global Pandemic. “I recognize our industry is unique, but we have more jobs than qualified talent. Add onto that how much we focus on culture, and that we want our folks to come work for us and stay their entire career, it can be difficult to find like-minded employees …we are in a unique position as a company and are unapologetic about being selective with who we hire.”

Vytal Studios is unique. A company full of creatives and technology elite resources that focuses it energy on creating virtual experiences that improve people’s lives for their customers. Utilizing tools such as Unreal Engine, they are a one stop shop for all things “Unreal”. From Virtual Reality experiences to Cinematic Movies, Video Games and Live Virtual Events, there is very little Vytal Studios doesn’t do in the virtual world.

The people Vytal Studios hires to create the experiences their customers want matters says Phat Nguyen, Talent Development Director at Vytal Studios “Vytal’s core philosophy for our culture is to support and promote a continuation of growth for our talented employees. This philosophy is true to my personal development. As creatives in a field of evolving tools and ideas, we must be in the mindset for a lifetime of growth. When talking to new talents, the one question I ask is, ‘do they have the right mindset to continue growing?’ This mindset, combined with the ability to conceive innovative ideas, is what propels our talents towards their passionate goals. Vytal’s environment will support like-minded creatives looking to be at the forefront of technology and innovation. We offer opportunities for creative thinkers and creators to pursue and grow while bettering lives through their creation. “

While the virtual experience market, and technology associated with virtual experiences, is experiencing unprecedented growth, most companies focus on one specific area: for example, companies may focus exclusively on developing video games, but not build Virtual Reality, Visual Effects for movies, or simulations. Vytal Studios, however, says they have the tools, skills, and processes to create any or all of these. They refer to their organization as “the machine”, which creates the experiences their customers want, regardless of what kind of virtual experience that is. Currently they have Virtual Reality, Movie, Video Game, and Simulation clients that they are creating experiences for, and this is an obvious attractive environment for their employees.
“I’ve always enjoyed creating experiences that would benefit others in ways beyond just entertainment, and I joined Vytal because I believe I can continue working on projects that offer such experiences. As someone passionate about education, the opportunity that Vytal offers to help develop educational projects is paramount while still allowing the flexibility to stretch creativity, never leaving a dull moment. Vytal also provides the chance to grow in all aspects of the industry, allowing individuals to learn the complete workflow that goes into developing virtual experiences.” Says Lucas Freeman, a 3D artist for Vytal Studios.

Vytal Studios philosophy of their employees being “lifers” is certainly unique in today’s gig economy. The philosophy is supported by there diversity of projects and opportunities for their employees. Beyond the ability for employees to work on a variety of projects, Vytal Studios culture allows employees to be part of something more than just a project team.

Brady Blauvelt says that culture is precisely the reason he chose to work at Vytal Studios. “I chose Vytal Studios because I fell in love with its overall inclusive and open-minded work culture. From what I have seen, Vytal treats all its employees as one big family. This excites me as I feel like Vytal is a place where I can build long lasting relationships with other creatives. Overall, I feel like Vytal studios gives me the incredible opportunity to develop and explore myself alongside the studio.”

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