Mark Anthony, AKA The Psychic Lawyer, is featured on the cover of OMTimes Magazine October 2021 Edition

OMTimes Magazine October 2021 Edition

Mark Anthony The Afterlife Frequency

Mark Anthony and nis new book, The Afterlife Frequency

Mark Anthony in his cover story interview in OMTimes bridges the divide between faith and science in a fascinating afterlife exploration.

The Afterlife Frequency presents groundbreaking scientific concepts and new terminology in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner.”

— Mark Anthony

PITTSBURG, PA, USA, October 3, 2021 / — OMTimes Magazine is proud to present its October 2021 Edition featuring the renowned psychic medium and Oxford-educated attorney Mark Anthony, whose new book, The Afterlife Frequency, bridges the divide between faith and science in a fascinating exploration of the afterlife.

In his cover interview with the radio personality Sandra Sedgbeer, host of the OMTimes flagship Radio show” What is Going Om”, Mark Anthony shared about his new spiritual book, The Afterlife Frequency: “Just don’t expect a bunnies and unicorns fluff or a dry scientific treatise. Each chapter introduces concepts and new terminology to explain the different aspects of spirit communication. All of these are based on sound scientific principles and theories illustrated by riveting and compelling stories.

The result of many years of practice and personal research culminated in this book, which brings a collection of real stories and facts and introduces to us many breakthroughs and ideas about Spirituality, and Life after death. Among many new concepts, Mark Anthony speaks about the connections with the other side. In his words: “The Other Side is a collective consciousness, meaning spirits are interconnected and able to communicate with a vast array of other spirits in the infinite collective which transcends dimension, frequency, space, and time.”

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