Lumen and Forge Created Family-Friendly Immersive Wonderland for Wild Child

An industry leader in immersive venues and augmented experiences has created a unique experience that’s hard to find anywhere.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 / — Representatives with Lumen and Forge announced today that it created a family-friendly immersive wonderland for Wild Child’s Lumens Gallery in the Bay Area, California.

“The interactive museum and play space featured games and activities complemented by motion-activated visuals and entrancing soundscapes,” a company spokesperson for Lumen and Forge said.

The company spokesperson explained that The Wild Child Museum was a pop-up children’s museum in the Bay Area created by educators, renowned artists, and early childhood development experts.

“Our team at Lumen and Forge programmed and installed the experiential Lumens Gallery, which ran for four months,” the spokesperson revealed, before adding, “The marvelous gallery consisted of several projection-mapped rooms with stunning 360 visuals and interactive elements.”

Lumen and Forge’s team created five different scenes of interactive content.

“We installed four projectors and three advanced motion-sensing cameras to create fun, reactive visuals that brought the room to life,” the spokesperson said. “Then, connected everything wirelessly to a tablet so the room could be transformed at the touch of a button and intuitive interface. We were tasked with the exciting project of creating 3D interactive content for the gallery. We used the powerful program Touch Designer software along with Cinema 4D to create an assortment of surreal interactive projections that were easily adjusted through our easy-to-use tablet interface.”

But that’s not all. Lumen and Forge recently created a 360 projection dome for Capital One. The company teamed up with Publicis Hawkeye, 360 Labs, and Pacific Domes to create a 360 projection solution for Capital One. The Capital One Venture Dome was an experiential immersion space exhibited at four locations in Denver, Colorado. Over the course of six months, we set up projectors, lighting, and sound for the exciting, multi-day feature.

The company spokesperson explained that the Capital One Venture made use of experiential marketing to encourage travel with and immersive views of local and exotic scenery. Visuals featured cascading mountains and snowcapped forests, as well as exotic scuba diving adventured and more.

In addition, Lumen and Forge also recently created the world’s largest projection dome. ‘The Dome, Miami,’ at 225 by 175 feet, was the world’s largest projection dome. Located in the heart of downtown Miami during last year’s Superbowl, thousands of guests visited our immersive, pop-up nightclub.

“Our team handled everything from managing dome construction to creating custom bespoke 360 content,” the spokesperson said. “For four nights, we had an absolute blast video mapping over 40,000 square feet of screen space. The show itself featured performances from world-renowned rappers such as Future, Cardi B, and Gucci Mane. Thanks to AG Entertainment Inc. for hiring us.”

The company, which also provides full-spectrum projection solutions, offers a range of Geodesic Projection Domes and Inflatable Projection Domes in a multitude of sizes ranging from 10 to 300 feet in diameter.

Lumen and Forge services ( can be customized to cater to any project – big or small. Its immersive services make use of its multiplicity of 360 domes, media servers, custom interfaces, projection rigs, screens, cameras, and more so that the company can provide fully integrated options.

“Here at Lumen and Forge, we cover almost everything to do with immersive venues and augmented experiences,” the spokesperson stressed before adding, “Although we are flexible, our specialty is 360 dome projection, which is at the forefront of the advent of VR/AR. Our cornucopia of domes features ultra-high-resolution spherical screens, live-playback systems, and portable and accessible components.”

Lumen and Forge’s goal is to inspire audiences and bring 360 theater into the future.

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