Los Ageless Building Safety Department Approved to use MHS / SIP Assembly, Structural Aluminum Framing for Construction

MHS Aluminum Modular Framing, (SIP) assembly, Structural Aluminum Framing shall be installed in buildings of Type V construction. Research Report (LARR-25703)

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — MHS Building Systems Group is pleased to announce that MHS Building Systems has been granted with a general approval of MHS Structural Aluminum Modular Framing and Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) assembly for construction up to 3 stories. There are technical modification to use the system at Seismic Design Categories A through F and shall be installed in buildings of Type V construction.

MHS Structural Insulated Panel Frame Assembly consists of prefabricated MHS aluminum modular frame extrusions in conjunction with structural insulated panels.

The Technical Modification is to add the response modification coefficient or “R” factor, system over strength factor, Ωo, and deflection amplification factor, Cd, for the MHS Structural Insulated Panel Frame Assembly based on testing reports in accordance with ICC Acceptance Criteria 130 and 154.

Response Modification Coefficient: R =6.5
System Over Strength Factor: Ωo = 3
Deflection Amplification Factor: Cd = 4

The report is in compliance with 2020 Los Angeles Building Code. LARR 25703

MHS Buildings systems assembly are easy to learn, teach, design and construct approach provides truly waste-free modular structures. Structure weigh only one third of I-beam steel structures and one fifteenth of concrete structures, resulting in reduced total building weight, energy and seismic loads thus saving time, space and resources.

The MHS Building Systems allows Modular Home Manufacturers, Building Developers, Builders, Contractors, Engineers, Designers, Architects and Students to build from Simple Studios, Mobile, Camping, Vacation Homes to highly Customized Housing and Commercial Structures up to 3-4 Stories.


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