Living a Full Life Without Sound

A Walk in My Moccasins: Memoirs of a Deaf Physician

A Walk in My Moccasins: Memoirs of a Deaf Physician

A physician’s story of perseverance and fortitude beyond being deaf

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 10, 2021 / — Losing one of our senses can make our lives a hundred times more difficult. Many of us will never wish to lose any of our senses, especially our hearing. But this is precisely what happened to Dr. Peters one day. The book “A Walk in My Moccasins, Memoirs of a Deaf Physician” narrates Dr. Peters’ struggle living life without hearing anything.

The book takes its readers through the perspective of a deaf physician and how it changed his life. While it was definitely not an easy journey, Dr. Peters shares in the book his thoughts on powering through challenges like these. According to Dr. Peters, his mother’s role in mentoring her helped a lot in how he coped in life and how he was still able to pursue education despite him being deaf.

Dr. Justus Peters, the author of the book, is a family physician living in Glen Rose, Texas. His specialization covers pediatrics and geriatrics. Right now, he is with his wife and children and spends most of his spare time writing on his own blog at

The book is an inspiring read, highlighting that the struggles we are facing in life aren’t completely insufferable. Sometimes, they are there to teach us how to cherish what we have, and how we can still make the most out of them. For those who are facing difficulties in life or just simply looking for guidance, Dr. Peter’s story in the book is a must-read.

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