‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ Releases Chapter 25 Chosen

You don’t find love, love finds you…”

— C.W. Männe

RENO, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Brainiac Productions LLC, Christopher William Mahne, and Sir David Michael Robinson today announced the release of Chapter 24 Ninth Life from ‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and audio content on Soundcloud along with special SFX video content on YouTube and IGTV.

C.W. has a physical drive, which is personified by the six Nymphets. These are the collection of all the women he was attracted to over the years when he was younger, they are young, too. They are perfect each in their way. As he watches, however, their leader, Pachamama, is a great heifer smoking a cigar, which was on the scale of a jungle banana or a tobacco leaf, a total counterpoint to the equation. C.W.’s maturity has taught him to see through his biases so that he can experience abundance. The fact that these are all women, is a commentary on the power of the universe coming through females. This symbolism is modeled after a bee colony, where men are of no use…

Sir David said “When we were younger, I used to think C.W. was just a stimulation junkie. As we got older, I realized he had a unique calling. As chaotic as it sometimes seemed, his life was leading him to a place we could never have imagined, and now C.W. or should I say ‘Tiger’ has become the healer. This is due to his working so close to nature, whether living in a volcano in Panama, or in the jungles of Central America, and his spiritual relationship with Pachamama. In Chosen, we again personify creation in Pachamama, which she comes with unexpected powers and presentation.”

Mahne reminds us “You don’t find love, love finds you…” and I have found Love in Pachamama.

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‘Lives and Minds of C.W. Männe BINGE’ Releases Chapter 25 Chosen

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