Little Fighters building confidence in the Ring

Miguel Restrepo, 6 Years Old Stepped into Ring for Two Matches

Miguel Restrepo & Izzah Hagen Facing Off

Miguel Restrepo, IbbI Hagen, Izzah Hagen, Roberto Colon, Julian Colon, Ruben Colon, Tiayanna Colon, Keenan Honore, Johnathon Pucino, Nick Natale, Kim Pucino, Shawna Porietti, Marisa Devine, Becky Rhodes, Christina Thomas, & and Angelina Chenault.

Rondeau’s Kickboxing’s builds the young fighters confidence as they step in the ring on Fight Day

I was so proud watching my kids in the ring! The confidence level since starting kickboxing here, as increased more htan I ever could have imagined”

— Andrew

JOHNSTON, RI, USA, September 30, 2021 / — Fights were in action on Saturday September 6th at Rondeau’s Kickboxing in Johnston, R.I.

Both members from kids and adult classes stepped into the ring, many for the very first time. The enthusiam and excitement could be felt throughout the room, as fighters put their sparring gear on and warmed up throughout the room. They were all eager to show family and friends what they have learned in classes and sparring sessions. Both members from Rondeau’s Kickboxing, Johnston R.I., Wishers Gym, out of Pawtucket R.I. and Kims GIM of Coventry , showed great sportsmanship as they went head to head with their opponents.

The youngest fighter, Miguel Restrepo who is just 6 years old, stepped in like pro fighter and went back in for 2 more fights. A future champ in the making, his smile was huge as he fought his opponents and looked over at his family for a thumbs up. “Just stepping in the ring these fighters are champs. It takes alot of courage to get in there. Then add the pressure of family and friends watching you makes the nerves even worse. I am proud of anyone that steps in the ring even if its only once.”, Christina Rondeau stated, Owner of Rondeau’s Kickboxing.

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