Linda Flanders Proves Anyone Can Have a Hollywood Ending With Imagination and Intention

Hollywood Endings Cover Art

Hollywood Endings Cover Art

In Her New Self-Help Book, Hollywood Endings and How to Get One, Linda Flanders Provides A Self-Awareness Roadmap Through Cinema

Innovative and stimulating…a source of inspiration for self-discovery, healing and growth.”

— Birgit Wolz, Ph.D., Individual and Family Therapist

RED WING, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 / — Everyone loves a fairytale ending when love conquers all, the guy gets the girl, the triumph over evil, but our reality screams that none of this is possible, because it is just a story. Ultimately, everyone has a story, but it’s the perception of that story that matters. In today’s society, nearly everyone is dealing with something mentally, as no life is perfect. Every day we see more and more people and organizations realizing the importance of mental health, self-help, and self-awareness. Life can be incredibly hard, but through imagination and intention, everyone can find help within. Hollywood Endings and How To Get One written by Linda Flanders seeks to cultivate purpose-driven change to help everyone live a happier, fuller life.

Hollywood Endings and How to Get One is a self-help book designed to help readers harness a better understanding of the person they are, and how they can use imagination and intention to manifest the life they desire. While most self-help books focus on how the brain works, and how it and the body react together based on different emotions, Linda Flanders took a different approach. This book uses all the elements of traditional self-help books and adds in cinematic themes and stories to drive points home. The reader is asked to view their favorite movies in a different way, opening their imagination to unlock the power of self-awareness.

Self-awareness is not necessarily “fun” or “easy” to learn, but through the innovative intersection of film, Linda has found a unique way to make it easier to both learn and retain. The book leverages the Feldenkrais Method®, which helps speed up the process of ultimate awareness. All of people’s habits, especially the dysfunctional or painful ones, are intertwined in the body and the brain. The Feldenkrais Method® attempts to unravel the physical connection of habits so that thoughts no longer have the same physical reactions they did before. Hollywood Endings offers readers the ability to learn self-awareness through these methods and have a happier life in a way that is more fun and more effective than typical traditional approaches.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovative thinking, and unwavering commitment to helping others practice self-help; Linda Flander’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with the release of Hollywood Endings and How to Get One.

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About Linda Flanders:

Linda Flanders is an American author and Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner based in Red Wing, MN. She began her career as a police detective in San Francisco where she spent 17 years specializing in child sex abuse. Believing that too many children victims themselves become offenders, Linda sought a solution to provide help. Upon retiring, Linda joined a nonprofit advocating for victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. She has been a Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner for 30 years developing the prevention program for those people to help with behavioral learning and teaching tools for those that struggle with other ways of help. Dedicated to cultivating lasting change, Linda developed a creative way to help those struggling with self-help and self-awareness through literature.  


Linda Flanders
Linda Flanders
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