Life in Motion

The Movement Game

The Movement Game

How a family kept their fires burning

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 10, 2021 / — Andrea Lambertson, educator and poet, releases “The Movement Game,” a short poem that readers can enjoy and flick through in one sitting. Through this book, Andrea emphasizes the importance of staying in motion—to release tension, relieve stress, stimulate creativity, stay healthy, and induce learning.

The home of the Lambertson’s is the home of creativity and the arts, and each member is artistically-gifted and had different outlets for showcasing their talents. The family patriarch, a dentist, manifested his creativity through his carved silver fillings; the matriarch, a cook, was also an interior designer, whose hands created magnificent works of art using a single piece of charcoal; Andrea’s brother is a skilled drummer and a tenor with perfect pitch, whereas her sister expresses her creativity through dancing to her heart’s content. Andrea, on the other hand, found her niche in creative teaching and writing. For a family like the Lambertson’s, creative movement is essential to ensure personal happiness and fulfillment. That is why despite being professionals in their respective fields, they still seek time to pursue their passions. Inspired by her family’s story, Andrea pens “The Movement Game” to advocate for movement as a means to have a more meaningful life.

Andrea was a teacher by profession. In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, playing golf, and volunteering at the Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson, New York. Playing as a handmaid of creative writing, she wrote “Feelings from My Heart and Soul,” a collection of moving and wistful poems.

Andrea’s books are a must-read for those who have arts flowing in their veins. Grab your copy now!

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