LEVELING THE PAYING FIELD: New Book Offers Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay

Leveling the Paying Field

Rick Gillis

Do You Know Your Personal Value Quotient? Does Your Employer?

The premise of LEVELING THE PAYING FIELD is revolutionary and should become the gold standard for demonstrating true value in the workforce.”

— Terry Suffredini, Executive Coach

NEW YORK, NY, US, September 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — For those who suspect they are not being paid fairly, LEVELING THE PAYING FIELD: A Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay (Indigo River Publishing; September 28, 2021) by noted career expert Rick Gillis offers a simple-to-use performance metric that truly levels the paying field.

With more than 20 years in the job search support and career advising field, Gillis has created the QTNT® (Quotient) Personal Value Calculation, a dynamic new kind of performance measurement that will change how on-the-job performance is measured while teaching workers and their employers how to identify and assign value to individual job performance and personal accomplishments in a brand new way.

The result of this groundbreaking method is that not only will equal pay for equal work finally be realized, but even better, proper pay for outstanding performance will become the new normal.

In LEVELING THE PAYING FIELD, Gillis takes on the pay inequity/pay disparity issue and provides a workable solution for anyone who believes they are not being paid fairly for the work they do and who are not willing to wait for the government or their organization to achieve pay parity. In essence, he gives employees the opportunity to take this issue into their own hands.

When you think about it, it’s not actually all that reasonable to expect the government to be able to implement “equal pay for equal work” when they don’t know you, what you do, or who you work with.

Gillis prefers the idea that it is the employee who best knows what they do and how well they do it; that it should be the employee who shares their narrative objectively and presents their value to the employer. When does this happen? At your annual performance review or anytime you find an opportunity to share your accomplishments with your immediate supervisor–or his/her supervisor–or even the VP you run into in the elevator!

There are several reasons why pay disparity issues happen in the United States, but one that continues to surface, especially for women, is the unwillingness to advocate for themselves. While much is written in the areas of assertiveness and communication styles, what has been missing from this conversation are the metrics to advocate for oneself.

In LEVELING THE PAYING FIELD, Gillis has brought his career management experience to solving one of the hardest aspects of compensation and negotiation: quantifying performance and value fairly and accurately, regardless of role or gender. He provides a simple, repeatable formula as well as many examples that illustrate that quantifying value is not just for those whose work directly impacts revenue. His “Quotient” personal valuation calculations process will work for everyone, from secretaries to project managers to executives.

RICK GILLIS has been in the business of employment since 1997 when he was involved in the highly successful launch of the first local employment website to serve the Houston, TX market. His newest book, LEVELING THE PAYING FIELD, is the sum of his varied and colorful career in sales, as a manager, author, speaker, award-winning media host, and now, as an indisputable thought leader.

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