Let’s make Williams’ dream come true

The Cross Kids

The Cross Kids

Christina and Bruiser

Christina and Bruiser

Our community has united to help a single father, recovering from a heart attack with 9 children.

Let’s make Williams Dream Come True!”

— Christina

ORMOND BEACH, FL, USA, May 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Our community has united to help a single father, recovering from a heart attack with 9 children, leave his family as well as others something of substance. That substance will be a community of belonging and love in the unfortunate event he passes.

Heart attacks can come at any moment. No, one is exempt. It can strike any one of us at any time. Some individuals are unfortunate and do not survive a heart attack. Whereas, others that survive may have the quality of their lives severely affected.

We have been collecting donations on behalf of Christina Kern and Jason Cross. Our campaign will benefit single parent Willam Cross, and his 9 children as well as the community at large. Donations will be used to build an off grid community for his children whom he is afraid he may leave behind without any security. This community will be a place where not only his children live but all donors can come to find tranquility and peace. Please join us in this endeavor.

55 year old William Cross has had 2 heart attacks. Help us secure a future for his children. William is very worried about their livelihood in the event he passes. We are looking for donors that will not only donate to Williams dream of providing for his family but also providing for others. Therefore, the donations will be used not only to build off grid homes for each one of his children but also generous donors as well. These homes will be built utilizing natural hardwood or softwood trees provided by the land. The prospective land would be 90% off the grid, utilizing both solar and hydro power. As well as onsite wells and septic treatment facilities. Donors may also utilize the land for vacationing yearly depending on donation level.This prospective land will have biking trails,ponds,lakes, rivers or streams that provide fishing and hunting. Also,campgrounds, which include ATV trails, hiking and such. Proceeds will also be used to purchase necessary items such as saws, sawmill, tractor,supplies and materials, etc. needed for building the homes.

If you would like to help William reach his goal, please visit https://crosskidsfund.com, https://gofund.me/b07bd122 or call (855) 608-3052

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