Laurie Brainerd of Communication From Above to be Featured on Close Up Radio

OCEANSIDE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2021 / — In the last year, many people have lost loved ones didn’t have a chance to say goodbye. These people deserve a way to commune with their loved ones who have passed on to help them move through their unimaginable grief.

Laurie Brainerd is an Angelic Healer, Medium, Intuitive and the founder of Communication From Above.

“Angels are the guardians of this planet,” says Laurie. “What good would it do for them to be up on some cloud, not knowing or understanding the pain on earth?”

Twelve years ago, Laurie lost her daughter in a car accident. Devastated, her grief sent her into a deep depression.

“When my daughter Jennifer passed, I felt like Alice down the rabbit hole,” recalls Laurie. “I kept falling and falling and there was no bottom. I spent half the day sleeping in bed. She was my only girl and we were incredibly close. I was just so heartbroken. I felt so much guilt, even though I knew there really was nothing I could have done.”

That’s when Laurie met with a medium who lifted the weight off her shoulders.

“He and spirit reached down that hole and grabbed a hold of me and pulled me back up,” says Laurie. “He proved to me that my daughter’s spirit still existed. It changed my life. It gave me a reason to live.”

Laurie resolved to help others just like her. She spent 12 years learning the basics of mediumship and practicing her gift.

“I told spirit if had the ability to help anyone, especially the other parents who are in heavy grief, please sign me up. I’d like to be a soldier for you. I wanted to work with them to bring peace and comfort to other people. The truth was that they had been working with me for a long time, I just didn’t know it, and this is exactly what I am supposed to do.”

According to Laurie, we are spirits having a human experience. We don’t die with our physical body. We transition with our personalities intact, our memories intact, and everything is provided for you on the other side. We all have a spark of the divine inside of us called our soul, and our soul wants to continue to learn.

“Everyone is born with the same ability I have to connect with spirit, to healing energy,” says Laurie. “Those who want to work at it, develop it. We’re the boots on the ground. They need a physical form to bring their energy to our world. I’m just the conduit. They do the healing.”

Close Up Radio will feature Laurie Brainerd in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on May 28th at 3pm EST

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