Kyran O’Neill: Helping fitness entrepreneurs and coaches smash through insecurity, overwhelm and burnout

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Kryan O’ Neill uses his skills to successfully help entrepreneurs and coaches achieve optimum success.

I started coaching for free to help people. Eventually, I started getting paid work & referrals, & it exploded. Before I knew it, we were the fastest-growing mindset service for the fitness industry.”

— Kyran O’Neill

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, September 13, 2021 / — Dubai-based Kyran O’Neill is the founder of Total Mental Performance (TMP), which today is the only online mental performance coaching service dedicated to fitness entrepreneurs and coaches.

They help ambitious fitness coaches evolve their mindset, manage challenging emotions and smash through self-limiting beliefs for peak performance within six weeks.

Since the onset of the pandemic, fitness professionals have faced several challenges, however, O’Neill believes that new horizons have opened within the industry.

“The pandemic has opened a whole new channel for fitness industry entrepreneurs and coaches. Before it was always face-to-face if you were stuck in the gym. The shift was taken place because I’ve been befriending clients online for the past three years. COVID has accelerated the process and a lot of people have been forced to get off the gym floor and get online. The pandemic has been one of the best things for businesses that are shifting online and we have seen these businesses explode overnight but professionals are pressurized because they are picking up new skills, comparing themselves to others, and doing new things,” said O’Neill, speaking to host Phil Pelucha on the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast.

A qualified NLP practitioner, performance coach, and cognitive hypnotherapist, O’Neill considers himself fortunate to have worked with world-class coaches, mentors and companies. One of the biggest problems that he has found which is prevalent in the fitness industry is entrepreneurs and professionals suffering from comparison and imposter syndrome.

A lot of fitness practitioners also still do not have automated assistance systems in place which can lead to burnout.

“Many do not have automated systems in place and go around in circles doing tasks. Many people in the fitness industry are visual thinkers, they want to feel and look the best. A lot acquire their clients from Instagram. There are people that may look like they are well and so it is easy for someone to get the impression that everyone else is doing well and they are doing badly, not realizing that the people that they think may be doing well are actually miserable. At the end of the day, people paralyze themselves by getting caught up in the comparison and imposter syndrome cycle,” said O’Neill.

One reason why O’Neill is able to relate well to clients is because of his own personal lived experiences. He spent years making endless personal sacrifices but still felt miserable even when he exceeded his own targets. A former elite international boxer and software sales guy, he was unhappy but changed his life by reaching out for help.

“I went to a very extreme place. Depression, severe anxiety, comparison, and imposter syndrome, an eating disorder, £15,000 of debt, and a near suicide attempt after being released from the England Boxing team. Luckily, I managed to turn things around. Moving into the city (London) to sell software I cleared my debt in six months by selling to the European market during the day and to the US market during the night. I was soon burnt out again. It was because of insecurity and fear. Along that way, I was always coaching junior boxers or junior salespeople on their mindset. I started coaching for free and helping out people. Eventually, they started paying me, I started getting referrals and it exploded. Before I knew it, we were the fastest-growing mindset service for the fitness industry,” said O’Neill.

Many people in all fields of work are afraid of asking for help and one of O’Neill’s keys to success is that he is never afraid to ask for assistance when he needs it.

“The secret to where I am today is because I ask for help more than other people. I don’t take rejection personally whereas a lot of other people take rejection personally and think that they are not good enough. People are busy. The worst that people can say is swear you but that will not happen,” he said.

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