Komeet X9 E-Scooter Indiegogo Campaign Launched to Redefine Luxury Alternative Transportation

LONDON, October 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — New from X-Technology, the Komeet X9 e-scooter has taken a high designer look and married it extraordinarily to the functionality of modern engineering. Minimalistic while still the epitome of luxury, powerful while keeping creature comforts top of mind. It takes its redefinition of powerful, stylistic convenience very seriously.

The launch of the Komeet X9 e-scooter is set to bring the extra range to users looking for increased autonomy. The waterproof e-scooter has several configuration options depending on the battery capacity, with a maximum range of 62 miles.

Its removable battery allows owners to never have to park the scooter near an electrical outlet to recharge it. They just carry the battery into their home or office to plug it in or swap in a second battery. Then, dual disc brakes provide safe riding at any speed on any terrain, while hidden wires and cables offer an incomparable streamlined look.

Following its successful Komeet X9 e-scooter campaign on Indiegogo, the Komeet X9 has been preparing its official market launch, with pre-orders for the e-scooter being accepted for delivery next month. Now on Indiegogo, the Komeet X9 e-scooter is priced at $460 with free shipping.

The e-scooter is currently available in two models. They are the Komeet X9, 36V500W with a maximum power of 850W, and the Komeet X9 Pro, 48V550W with a maximum capacity of 1100W. Features include an ample speed of 25mph. The climbing angle of the Komeet X9 is also geared at 25-30°, allowing users more scope to go up steeper hills, particularly useful in countryside settings and more mountainous regions. A generous HD LED screen displays the speed and remaining battery. The bright 3W highlight headlight is also another feature that gives riders the option to ride in a low-light setting.

For ease of use, wide handlebars add to comfortability, as do an expansive foot deck of 7.2 inches. Adding to the smooth ride are 10-inch wide large tires that are designed with a memory jelly vacuum. This technology provides enhanced shock resistance and assures they will never puncture or leak air.

The Komeet X9 e-scooter folds up in three seconds flat so it can be easily carried or stowed in the trunk of a car.

Brian Wilson, CEO of X-Technology Co., Ltd, said, “We made sure the Komeet X9 provides excellent control when on the road or on any terrain for that matter. Our brushless motor gives SUV power in an electric scooter which offers unlimited movability over steep, hilly, uneven, or sandy terrain. We’ve made it 4.7 inches off the ground so, there’s quite a bit of leeway there also. We’ve thought of everything here. This campaign is not a donation and we guarantee a delivery Komeet X9 e-scooter with the purchase. Have you considered investing in an environmentally friendly e-scooter for your next trip? Share your opinion with us.”

For those looking to protect the environment and avoid unnecessary trips, the e-scooter is a must-have accessory that can be purchased in advance starting at an affordable $460 + Free Shipping. Scooter deliveries will begin in November 2021. Komeet X9 E-Scooters – more 10,000 PCS/Month:

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