Kia Drayton announces the launch of online consultancy services

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2021 / — Kia Drayton is happy to announce that her company will offer online consultancy services to local and international clients. The move comes in a bid to better serve her growing client portfolio in the face of the Covid restrictions and increase access to global clients. Through the online platform, her clients will be able to book appointments, have one-on-one consultations with her, and access her publicist services. The virtual sessions will run alongside the usual in-person sessions. Clients will be able to receive round-the-clock assistance from any part of the world, speedy, secure, and personalized services. The move is also aimed at increasing the company’s productivity, efficiency and enhancing clients’ experience.

Kia Drayton is a well-renowned sports publicist with years of experience in the industry. Her achievements as a sports publicist have earned her tons of prestigious awards, including the Publicist of the Year Award and the Prestigious Press Award. Her publicist career was launched out of her passion and natural talent, which she discovered while working as her publicist to help boost her modeling career.

While working as a professional model, she served as her publicist and extended the services to those in her immediate circle, which proved to be highly successful. She then expanded her services to her associates and others in the industry. Her decision to specialize in sports was founded on her love and passion for the sports industry, which developed in her formative years. With her business acumen, she managed to grow her client list from a few friends and associates to include a wide range of renowned sportsmen and women from San Francisco, regionally, and internationally.

Before launching her company, Kia Drayton dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to help her acquire the necessary skills. She is well educated and holds a degree in marketing and other qualifications in advertising, communication, and advertising. This alongside her years of experience, hard work, natural talent, and love for sports, has helped place her among the world’s best sports publicists.

As a publicist, she offers a wide range of services, including managing clients’ public image, organizing and managing press conferences, regulating information available on different media concerning clients, writing and delivering press releases and reports, social media site management, and preventing and mitigating crises. The company offers personalized services to its clients and has achieved a high success record, gaining traction in recent years.

The company has grown from a small company manned only by Kia Drayton to include several staff members and a wider range of services. In the recent past, they have incorporated reputation management on a larger scale, outreaches to help her clients become more active in the community through activities like shows and events, and market research to help her clients know how to reach their supporters best. It also offers media training for those around her clients to help them understand how to address reporters and other public forums.

The move to provide an online consultancy program will help increase the number of clients the company attends to daily and will have the capacity to accommodate more clients. The online portal will also provide a safe space for clients to receive assistance while keeping both clients and staff safe by, the Covid 19 safety protocols. The portal is user-friendly and is designed in a way that clients can easily navigate. It also provides a bot where clients can receive assistance until they get familiar with the site.

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