John LoPinto Explains Why Private Equity Is the Future

John LoPinto .

John LoPinto has extensive experience in private equity. You won’t find this type of investment on the public stock exchange

STATEN ISLAND, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2021 / — John LoPinto has extensive experience in private equity. You won’t find this type of investment on the public stock exchange because the general public doesn’t trade the shares. Instead, with this investment, a person goes through a broker who has access to private equity. Generally, this type of investment is a bit riskier than the publicly traded stocks. However, John LoPinto wants you to know that this type of investment is the future.

Statistics Prove Growth

Starting in 2006, private equity has been a steady growth throughout the years. In 2006, private equity took a hit, as expected due to the world events in the previous year. Despite the slight deficit, the following year, the private equity market began to grow again with steady growth until 2020, when most stocks took a hit once again. The private equity market is once again beginning to increase.

More Growth Expected in the Future

Based on the previous trends, John LoPinto projects that the private equity market will gradually grow. He’s not the only investor who forecasts growth in the future for the private equity market, either. Even over the next few years, the private equity market is positioned for growth. Experts project private equity assets will grow to $5.8 trillion by 2025. This would make private equity the assets expected to increase the quickest.

Increase in Investment from Small Businesses

Many small businesses took a hit during the pandemic. The US saw many small businesses closing their doors, unable to survive months of forced closures and changes that their companies couldn’t keep up with, such as size limitations.

Small businesses are making comebacks, though. Private equity firms played a role by supplying financial advice and assisting many small businesses. By doing so, private equity stocks could continue to thrive while small businesses were reaping the reward John LoPinto says.

This change in the private equity market is just beginning to see the upside of this move. The real payoff won’t be seen immediately.

More Investors Are Seeing the Upside of Private Investment

Every day, more and more investors see the potential for prosperity when investing in private equity. Therefore, stocks are regularly rising, and more people are prospering from this move.

One survey indicated that 79 percent of alternative investors planned on increasing their investments or reallocating to private equity over the course of five years.

John LoPinto has been a name in private investment for quite some time and sees the trend and projections. He advises investors to consider private equity since it appears this investment type will be the future. Moreover, investors who don’t partake may find themselves missing out.

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