Jason Wood Discusses the Importance of Digital Marketing Due to COVID-19

Jason Wood

Jason Wood recently discussed the importance of digital marketing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

LARGO, FL, USA, March 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us a lot about the importance of digital marketing. In fact, many marketing experts say digital marketing is now more important than ever. Jason Wood CEO is one of those experts, and he recently discussed the importance of digital marketing during this pandemic.

“The current landscape in the marketing industry is different than we ever would have expected at the start of 2020,” Jason Wood said. “All industries were forced to adapt in a matter of days, and the industry of digital marketing is one that has now been proven essential.”

Wood explained that as lock downs spread around the globe, the digital marketing industry grew leaps and bounds. This is because few people were spending time outside their homes, and most were online on their computers and smartphones far more hours per day. The pandemic has led to several changes in consumer behavior as presented in recent Google research.

Google stated that consumers have increased their content consumption and have done so on multiple devices. They’ve formed more virtual relationships and have had an increased interest in activities that can be conducted from home. All of these changes mean consumers are online more, soaking in digital marketing advertisements. 

“The pandemic has created a major wake-up call for companies that were slacking with their online presence and digital marketing,” CEO Jason Wood said. “In-store activity was reduced to a minimum, so restaurants, stores, and other companies were forced to improve their online personas. Those that were unable to adapt have seen major losses or have even been forced to close their doors.”

Wood stated that companies have been forced to engage with customers at home, which means upping their social media campaigns. Staying active on social media and offering opportunities for customers to order, pay, and connect online has become essential. Jason Wood added that one major benefit of everyone’s increased online time is that advertising to them has become drastically more affordable. Increasing your business’ online presence can be as easy as posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which is entirely free. Boosting those posts to reach a wider audience is remarkably affordable too. 

“Businesses have been forced to change their digital ads for superior results as well,” Jason Wood said. “Those who already had a solid online presence noticed a need to adjust those ads to suit the current needs of society.”

Wood explained that many Americans have been forced to budget more carefully with the uncertainty of the economy. They’ve also begun to take much more interest in sanitation and safety standards. Businesses have had to adjust their online presence and marketing to show that they care about their customers’ health and their wallets. 

Jason Wood finished by stating that digital marketing is only expected to become more essential throughout the remainder of the pandemic and upcoming years.  

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