James Khuri creates non-profit, Beautifull Minds to help and support Los Angeles school children.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — James Khuri, the well-known entrepreneur, has created the non-profit Beautifull Minds to help and support Los Angeles’s school children.

James Khuri is a well-known businessman. For more than two decades, he has already been establishing successful businesses. James is the current CEO of nine firms, demonstrating that he is a persistent leader in a variety of sectors. His businesses include everything from property investment to production and distribution, retail storefronts, and e-commerce platforms. James grew up in the Rochester, New York area. In a bid to re-establish in Lebanon, his family relocated there in 1983.

Nevertheless, due to the harsh and perilous quality of life induced by the ongoing war, they moved back to New York after only 6 months. James, being passionate about the business world, proceeded ahead to receive his MBA at the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester.

He relocated from New York to California when he was 32 years old. In 2001, James started working in real estate business. He presently operates a chain of apartment complexes in Los Angeles as well as medical facilities in New York. James has been thinking about refrigerated facilities as a potential investment in the near term. He has carefully avoided various types of real estate structures, believing that nothing else is sustainable in the marketplace. Apart from property investment, e-commerce is James’ greater interest and field of accomplishment. He turned a childhood fascination with trading cards into a thriving distribution network. For over 136 countries, he has now become Amazon’s primary trading card and Hasbro & Mattel products dealer. The businessman is predicted to outperform his prior development in the next years by diversifying his merchandise and modifying completion and delivery strategies. His advances have resulted in some recent successes. One was that Amazon sent a person to work specifically with one of James’s businesses in order to help his sales in the 136 countries where they do business. Another is a fresh fulfillment system named “Fulfilled by Walmart,” which had been developed in collaboration with Walmart.

James Khuri states that It’s always about the creativity. He gets ideas from a variety of sources. From his recollections, his visions of the coming events, and his observations of the society surrounding him. Then he puts his inspiration together into concept which can improve people’s lives and, by extension, benefit society. Then he devotes all of his energy towards turning that concept into a viable good or service that he is able to provide to others. On top of that, he is also dependable and diligent. With him, you definitely know what you’re going to get. Customers need to be doing work with a trustworthy company. Consistency in your work ethics will improve your performance by increasing your efficiency.

When James has free time, he frequently spends it with his adolescent son. They enjoy going out to new places and watching new films collectively. James is also committed to maintaining his body and mind in top shape, so he keeps himself busy by lifting heavy weights, hiking, and combat sports. James’ mother has also been a pivotal figure in his life, someone he has turned to in both happy and difficult times. James also has a charitable side, which he has demonstrated numerous times. Around the holidays, he has coordinated activities such as distributing toys and trading cards to kids in need in the Los Angeles region.

Being a compassionate person, Khuri knows the importance of helping others and that it always ends up creating a chain reaction that causes constant good. It is for that reason that he does his best to help his community and contribute towards its prosperity. For that, Khuri has been researching effective ways to help his community prosper more and more, which culminated in him, along with some friends, discovering what needs to be done to actually help people.

James Khuri’s major labor of love was co-founding the non-profit beautifullminds.com, which offers learning support to anyone in the region who require emotional and mental aid, rehabilitation help, or physical ed. Basically, the organization serves a focus point with which people can volunteer and provide all the help that people in their community desperately needs. Whether it being education or support with all its forms, Beautifull Minds combines it all and offers it to the people so that it can help them throughout their life.

Since children are the nucleus of each and every society, Beautifull Minds also focuses on helping them grow their talents and skillset by providing them with the support needed. First of all, the organization provides the necessary education for the children. Following that, there comes the mental and emotional support and guidance, which is a must in order to help the children overcome their inner difficulties and then, following that, making the best use of the knowledge and skillset they acquired through the provided education. Last but not least, there is also physical education since a healthy brain can only be nurtured if the body is equally healthy to be able to support it. By doing all this and more, James Khouri and his other associates aim to lead the younger generation towards a brighter future, despite what unfortunate circumstances that they might be conflicted with.

With inequality is a wide-spread phenomenon, people are getting further apart from each other by the minute, and that is one of the reasons behind the founding of Beautifull Minds since it provides a support system to help provide a fair chance for people in James Khuri’s community to actually be more successful and, in turn, for them to also spread that same energy and contribute towards helping the people from less fortunate circumstances to actually improve their social and economic standing.

One of the major factors behind Beautifull Mind’s success, however, is Khuri’s belief that one has to always be humble no matter how much success they make since, at the end of the day, being humble and helping others is what gives life a wonderful taste. On top of that, he also believes that one should always keep on learning and acquiring knowledge, which is something he stresses on throughout Beautifull Mind’s activities.

James Khuri’s unquestionable commitment towards being a caring father for his son, as well his wide range of skills as a CEO, and also his empathy makes him an ideal role model for everyone in the community. It is for that that he vowed to always work attentively to meet the needs and desires of people all over the world while also enriching his community. James Khuri’s interviews were recently featured in Ideamensch and Dotcom Magazine. For more information on Khuri, you can also view his Crunchbase profile. For more information on Beautifull Minds, visit www.beautifullminds.com

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