One of the biggest Art exhibitions held online with the largest collection of Art from Israeli and International Artists.
JANUARY 1 – March 1, 2021

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, February 7, 2021 / — Every year, the Israeli Art Market celebrates the New Year with a BIG Exhibition opening, giving Israeli & International artists worldwide exposure! The Big Exhibition has recently begun on January 1, 2021, and will run until March 1, 2021, exhibiting hundreds of artworks for purchase, offering low prices, and Free Shipping Worldwide!

The exhibition is supported by the International Art Market Magazine, receiving exposure and publicity on all social media channels, including promotion on Art Market Magazine’s monthly issue.

Israeli Art Market Online Gallery is the most known gallery coming from Israel with the most extensive collection of contemporary Art & Judaica.

Dafna Navarro, CEO, and Founder of Lens Magazine and Art Market Magazine, first founded the Israeli Art Market in 2013 and, in doing so, created the first and only online gallery dedicated solely to the exhibition and sale of Israeli Original Art for collectors and buyers from all over the globe.

With over 200 exhibitions for sale, all of which have been meticulously curated by Dafna Navarro herself, dozens of Israelis and international’s finest artists and photographers finally have a location to help showcase all of their breathtaking work of Art. Artworks are available temporarily, making them all unique pieces of Art that are genuinely one-of-a-kind.

According to Dafna Navarro, “Israeli Art Market is dedicated solely to the beauty and creativity of Art! At this time, in particular, we feel we must continue to carry forth our mission of featuring humanity’s strength through Art. As the art world continues to face momentous challenges, the Israeli Art Market remains firmly committed to supporting the artist’s community and collectors in the best way possible through its digital initiatives and by hosting its 2021 Big New Year exhibition.”

Some of the most renowned International and Israeli names can be found here, including the award-winning International GOLD LIST Artists chosen by the Jury panel of Art Market Magazine as the Top Contemporary Artists of Today, published on the GOLD LIST Special edition during the past 5 years, with full international distribution in bookstores and leading art fairs around the globe.

Beyond that, new emerging talents can be found too, with the chance to snap up early work from those that can only grow in name and recognition.

The Israeli Art Market features unique new contemporary Art, include original Art, Modern Judaica Art, Fine Art Photography, lithographs, and quality fine art prints for sale. A special promotion is also running with the Big Exhibition, where all purchases come with free shipping worldwide! Purchases are 100% safe and secure, shipping directly from the artist’s studio, and come with a certification of authenticity signed by the artist and the gallery.

Featured Artists & Fine Art Photographers:
Reznikov Yosef | Boris Leifer | Alex Levin | José Jeuland | Irsan Gregoire | Ms. Malhas | Julien van Middendorp | Michael Gatzke | Rebecca Gabriel | Lika Ramati | Zahava Lupu | Aga Szydlik | Emma Coyle | Leah Raab | Carol Bednarski | Sara Weitzman | Mirit Ben-Nun | Vincent Keele | Ari Baltinester | Rami Ater | Irit Quatinsky | Shir Zalcman | Mel Brown | Anna-Kajsa Alaoui | Dotan Maor | Gitty Fuchs | Pnina Afik | Daphne Horev | Lubov Meshulam Lemkovitch | Michal Shelly | Edna Dali | Smadar Lomnitz | Luana Stebule | Judit Nagy L. | Ildikó Mecséri | Shira Raz | Nouli Omer | Danielle Feldhaker | Varda Levy | Elena Tsirulnik | Cosmin Brendea | Camille Campbell | Igor Zusev | Dan Shiloh | Carol Carpenter | Galia Kaplan | Ehud Dar | Mauler Irina | Eti Yacoby | Suly Bornstein Wolff | Yoseffa Neuhauser | Bianca Turner | Orna L.Brock | Eva Lewarne | Hannah Foxman | Xavier Yarto | Julian Yehuda TIGLAT | Igor Eugen Prokop | Faris Hamdan | Emerich Meerson | Eduardo Fujii | Carolina Kollmann | Irit Rotrubin | Claire Jacobson | Angela Rose | Damjan Voglar | Pygmalion Karatzas | Fanny Horowitz

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