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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2021 / — Planning a trip is daunting and planning a group trip is even more difficult – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We know there are lots of things to work out before you and your group embark on that adventurous trip, and we have created a planning checklist to help you out. Our planning checklist tells how to prepare six months down to the night before your trip. Follow our checklist to make planning easier and smoother.

6 months before your group travel
–Determine who is traveling: Decide who will be joining your group trip. It could be friends, family members, or travel buddies you meet on the internet. Once you have figured out who and how many people are joining your trip, it’s time to create that dreaded group chat. It could be a WhatsApp or Facebook group chat, where you add interested people.

–Choose Date and Duration: Another important decision you need to make! You and the group need to choose a departure date and decide how long or short the trip will last. To make things easier, we suggest you have a few possible departure dates and show them to the group. Suggesting dates is better than throwing a vague question of “when are we traveling?”

–Choose A Destination: If you are using a travel website like 212TraveBuddy, all you have to do is tell them your destination, and they match you with people going the same way.

But if you are traveling with friends or family, you all have to choose and agree on a travel destination before the main planning starts. If you have trouble deciding on a travel destination, then pick a travel destination based on the activities you want to do there. For instance, do you want to experience the culture, go on an adventurous trip or see the ocean? Then choose a destination that offers all your proposed fun activities.

— Research and Research: Spend time researching your travel destination and activities you feel are a must-do for the group. Research, research, and research – it will help you avoid potential issues.

–Set A Budget: Before the trip, set a budget and stick to it! After you have chosen the location and duration of the trip, it is only logical that you start planning a budget. A budget will help you set expectations and determine how much each traveling member will spend on the trip.

–Share The planning Task: Choose people that will take care of each aspect of the trip planning. One can handle logistics, another one accommodation or food. Having specific people handle specific tasks makes planning less stressful.

Months To Your Trip
–Make Travel Arrangements: If you are traveling with travel buddies you met online or friends, we suggest everybody make their own arrival and departure travel arrangements. Plus, everybody should have a valid passport and travel insurance.

But, if you are traveling with your family and children, you can make the travel arrangement on behalf of everybody. You can employ the services of a travel agency or do it by yourself. Also, everybody should have a valid passport or travel visa and don’t forget travel insurance – very important!

–Book Your Lodging: It is advisable to choose and book accommodation well in advance because it is cheaper and gives you more options. Waiting till the last minute limits your lodging options, and you might end up paying more for a cramped space. Search for places that have the necessary amenities, lots of space and fit your budget. Also, your accommodation determines if you will be cooking group meals or eating out.
–Discuss Meal Planning: Are you eating out or cooking group meals, or doing both? If you are eating out, then you should check out restaurants or street food you can afford. But if you will be cooking group meals, it is better you know everybody’s diet plan or meal type, and follow them appropriately. You can even decide that each group member cook their own meal to avoid complications.

1 Month To Your Trip
–Determine if you will pack groceries or buy when you get to your destination: If your trip is inside your country, you can either pack groceries or buy when you get to your destination. But if you are going abroad, you can only buy things when you get to your destination.

–Book Activities: Will you be joining a tour or visiting a park or engaging in other activities that require tickets? Then, we suggest you book before you leave home. This allows you to qualify for discounts or cheaper prices.

–Start Packing: To avoid last-minute rush, we suggest you start parking at least one month before the trip. This way, you take your time to get everything you need, and you don’t over-pack. We also suggest that you call the lodge to know what they have and plan your packing accordingly.

The Night Before Your Trip
-Go over your checklist: Double-check your items and ensure you have everything you need for the trip. Once you are done with that, go to bed and have a goodnight’s rest. Wake up the next month and get ready for your fun-filled vacation!

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