Is Phlebotomy Your Future? How To Decide If Stepping Stone Medical’s Phlebotomy Program Is The Right Fit

Stepping Stone Medical Statesville NC - Janecia Sanders, CEO

Stepping Stone Medical Statesville NC – Janecia Sanders, CEO

Stepping Stone Medical’s Phlebotomy Program May Be The Ticket To Your New Career — But Is It The Right Choice For You?

STATESVILLE, NC, USA, June 3, 2021 / — If you’re ready to break into the healthcare field but you aren’t sure where to start, it’s a smart move to check out phlebotomy programs. At Stepping Stone Medical, students can enroll in an 8-week course to become phlebotomy technician who is ready to work in a lab, testing center, or other healthcare facilities. 

What Students Need To Enroll In Stepping Stone Medical’s Phlebotomy Technician Program
At Stepping Stone Medical, phlebotomy technician courses are available to students who are 18 or older, have a high school diploma or a GED, and have a valid ID and social security card. 

What Do Students Learn In A Phlebotomy Technician Course?
During a phlebotomy technician course, students learn how to draw blood from patients. 

Topics covered in the course to allow students to work as effective, efficient phlebotomists include: 

Drawing blood 
Evaluating whether patients are capable of understanding what happens during a blood draw procedure
Explaining each step of the blood drawing process to patients and answering any questions about the procedure
How to perform various tests, including testing a patient’s blood sugar levels
Preparing other lab specimens (such as urine) for testing
Verifying a patient’s identity to ensure that their sample is tracked correctly
Safely and properly maintaining needles and other lab equipment
Proper disposal of used lab equipment

What Is Scheduling Like In A Phlebotomy Technician Class?
Stepping Stone Medical offers several options for busy students who want to further their education while still earning a paycheck from their current job. Students can choose from weekday or weekend schedules. Weekday classes offer both morning and evening options, while Saturday classes are only offered in the morning. Students must attend eight class sessions in order to complete the phlebotomy technician course at Stepping Stone Medical.

Ready? What To Do Next
If you’re ready to dive into phlebotomy courses at Stepping Stone Medical, it’s time to reserve your seat to ensure you get a place in the next set of classes. In order to reserve your seat, you’ll need to pay a $100 fee. The rest of the program cost os $1,350. Staff members can help you set up a payment plan for the remainder that you owe during your course orientation. 

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