Inzurly extends it’s offering with Professional Indemnity and Business Insurance Plans for Companies of All Sizes

WATFORD, HERTFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, September 10, 2021 / — There are no certainties in business and those firms looking to take a little bit of the edge off of this reality often turn to the insurance industry for professional indemnity insurance and business insurance solutions. Intended to smooth out the unknown, uneven road ahead, these bespoke business policies from Inzurly meet all of the needs of the modern firm without running into cost overruns or providing needless, unnecessary coverage.

This is often the case when businesses pursue one-size-fits-all solutions or attempt to get individualized customer service from a large insurance conglomerate. Inzurly has taken this often-complex process and boiled it down to its simplest elements in order to make its business solutions accessible, affordable, and, best of all, immediately available to those firms that need them.

How does Inzurly work? It’s really not all that different from obtaining personal insurance except for the level of complexity and the numbers involved.

Like personal or medical insurance, business insurance policies are there when you need them and can be tailored to meet a range of immediate needs. Policies include public liability insurance, professional, employer’s, commercial property, business interruption, business emergency, legal expenses, employers’ practices, and cyber insurance coverage. In essence, if you can imagine the business crisis, Inzurly is here to help companies get through it.

The past year has especially highlighted the need for firms to have business interruption insurance as these policies are intended to help companies recover quickly from economic downturns. Yet other policies, such as cyber insurance and legal expenses policies, are also signs of the times when it comes to the multilayered aspects that businesses need to consider when shopping for insurance. For Internet-facing companies, in particular, cyber security is a particularly fraught issue and one that could potentially cost firms thousands if not handled properly.

Like most insurance firms, Inzurly uses a range of competitive metrics to determine a policy’s scope and how much it will cost the individual company in question. Typically things that will impact the cost of a professional indemnity policy and business insurance are features such as the nature of the business itself, how high the turnover rate is at the firm, how employees are there in total, where you do business, how much coverage is needed, and the age of the business applying for insurance.

Niraz Buhari, the C&C Insurance Group founder said “Everyone at C&C, which is established in 4 countries, is very excited about the launch of Inzurly. One of the group companies Smart Cover has seen strong growth during the pandemic and we believe we should be able to achieve similar growth in the business insurance space as well. We have already acquired businesses in this sector this year and we are looking to increase our foothold in the business insurance sector in the coming months. You can expect some disruptive insurtech products to be launched in the business insurance space soon.”.

Inzurly prides itself on offering truly hands-on customer service and, towards this end. Finding the policy that your company needs is as simple as a few clicks on the web portal or a call to our commercial insurance experts. If they need some assistance finding the policy for their current needs, companies can rely upon the guided support of a dedicated Inzurly insurance expert whenever they need it. For new businesses, Inzurly has a range of incentives to sign up for new policies including a discount.

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