Investments Guru Ng You Zhi Helps Raise Funds for Children with Cancer

The Singaporean venture capitalist Ng You Zhi finds ways to help gather funds for children stricken with cancer.

SINGAPORE, February 23, 2021 / — To gather more funds for paediatric oncology research, Ng You Zhi joins the National University of Singapore in their “Art for Kids with Cancer Charity Donation Drive.”

“Our children are our future,” says Ng You Zhi. “We cannot afford to lose them to cancer. They deserve to live and make the best of their lives as they grow up.”

Ng You Zhi understands the plight of Singaporean families with children suffering from cancer. Oftentimes they leave for the United States, United Kingdom, or Australia to seek advanced treatments, provided that they could afford its hefty costs.

“But not all Singaporean families can afford such bills,” Ng You Zhi recalls. “That is why we invest in research and education so they no longer have to leave the country for treatment.”

While NUS highlights that most Singaporean children with cancers are now successfully treated in the country with about 8 in 10 cured, there still is the ongoing need for advanced learning and research.

“Investing in paediatric oncology research in Singapore not only aims to benefit Singaporean children,” Ng You Zhi continues. “The situation in most parts of Asia remains dire. Fifty percent of the world’s childhood cancer is still in Asia, and from that 50%, only 20% are treated and cured.”

To address this ongoing concern, the NUS Medicine International Council of the Dean’s Office of NUS Medicine launches the “Art for Kids with Cancer Charity Donation Drive.”

A series of portraits done by artist Raouf Rifai, which depict the innovators of the world on canvas, are shown on display in a silent auction. Rifai’s paintings in his collection pay tribute to icons who have changed the world in various fields during the 21st century, including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Pony Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Yayoi Kusama, and Sergei Bin, among others.

Ng You Zhi has taken an active role in the initial round of fundraising for the said charity during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. Having helped raise an amount close to $350,000 in two months, the charity is already halfway to its goal of $750,000.

“We’re only beginning a new chapter in innovating paediatric oncology research and education,” says Ng You Zhi. “The funds raised from this charity will definitely help not just our doctors, but our young cancer patients here in Singapore but across Asia too.”

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