Introducing Red River Digital Media: the Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency Created Exclusively for Mortgage Brokers

Founded by a former mortgage broker, Red River Digital Media specifically targets the mortgage lending industry for lead generation services.

Our motto is catch, pass, shoot. We catch the leads, pass them on to you, and you score every time”

— Mark Fredricks

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2021 / — Full-service digital marketing agency Red River Digital Media is pleased to announce the launch of its new platform designed specifically for mortgage brokers. The agency targets the mortgage lending industry for lead generation services, helping brokers scale up their businesses with fast-performing lead generation campaigns.

Red River Digital Media founder Mark Fredricks worked for many years as a mortgage broker himself. As a result, he fully understands the complexities of the job:

“If you’re a mortgage broker trying to scale and grow your business without spending hours cold calling and wasting money on ad spend, I can empathize,” says Fredricks. “I know from my own experience what you’re going through. It’s a tough job, time-consuming and often ineffective. This is why I created Red River Digital Media. I am also partnered with an industry leader that gives the resources, the capability and the expertise to help.”

Fredricks explains that the agency offers online paid advertisements which are placed with the world’s most reputable platforms to get clients immediate results. This includes full-service call center solutions that follow up and nurture leads that result in more closed loans. The company also specializes in content writing, website design and development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Fredricks emphasized that the Red River Digital Media team fully researches each client’s business before developing a plan. By working closely with clients, the team can understand their business objectives and goals, and develop an effective campaign strategy. This includes a comprehensive marketing and competitive analysis, keyword research, the identification of key target markets and choosing the right marketing channel to achieve more closed loans. The proven process results is more closed loans.

“Our motto is catch, pass, shoot,” adds Fredricks. “We catch the leads, pass them on to you, and you score every time.”

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About the Company

Founded by former mortgage broker Mark Fredricks, full-service digital marketing agency Red River Digital Media is on a mission to support businesses in the financial services industry, including real estate, mortgage, insurance, and other finance-based enterprises looking for proper paid media consultation and marketing insights. As a digital paid advertising agency, the company’s online marketing services are solely focused on creating, monitoring, and optimizing paid ads campaigns and associated marketing strategies.

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