Introducing Bluehour: Equipping Businesses with the Tools They Need to Grow Their Digital Marketing Footprint

Bluehour Digital Marketing Logo

Bluehour Digital Marketing Logo

In a Dynamic Digital Landscape, Bluehour Digital Marketing is Helping Businesses Refine Their Digital Footprint and Optimize Online Growth

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — In the digital world, and now more than ever, the need for guidance and expertise to develop a digital footprint is vital. As more and more businesses take their services online, many less tech-savvy owners and entrepreneurs are either finding themselves left in the dust of their competitors, or falling victim to old, outdated websites that do not meet current standards. Today, having a website is simply not enough. Brands need to ensure that their website is optimized, user-friendly, branded, cohesive in copy and tone, and their marketing campaigns are producing to move the needle. Introducing Bluehour Digital Marketing, the full-service digital marketing agency that is helping brands match and beat their competition through innovative and strategic tactics.

Founded in 2016 by Alex Holden, Bluehour was created when Alex left the corporate world to discover an opportunity to revitalize companies’ websites and grow their digital marketing. Created as a premier resource for brands needing assistance in building out their WordPress websites, Bluehour rapidly evolved over the next five years into a national brand that has helped hundreds of businesses across the nation make sure that their efforts are not only working, but thriving.

While many agencies provide a plan with no follow-through, Bluehour is committed to creating their own niche in the digital marketing space, to act as a partner in the process, and guide their clients by providing services that include:

– Monthly WordPress Care Plans
– Reputation Management
– Funnel Mapping
– Website Development of WordPress and Shopify
– Improving the UI/UX of a Website
– Optimizing a Websites Mobile Responsiveness and Load Times
– Search Engine Optimization, Both Local and Regional
– Lead Generation
– Auditing a Company’s Digital Marketing Footprint and Build a Roadmap for Improvements
– Logo Design and Branding
– Bespoke Marketing Campaigns for larger clients

Understanding that the modern digital world can be utterly confusing, the Bluehour Digital Marketing team is also providing free online resources to help educate people on best practices and make this complicated space a little less complicated.

“It was a pleasure to build our website with Bluehour. The development stage was a pleasure and the team was very patient with our changes. Our new site is now mobile responsive, faster, and has elevated our professional image. We have received numerous compliments. The management of our site has been a dream, thanks to the simple ticketing system.”
-Angela White, Holmberg Mechanical, Seattle, WA

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to helping businesses navigate an ever-changing digital landscape; Bluehour’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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About Bluehour Digital Marketing

Bluehour Digital Marketing is a full-service digital marketing and communications agency based out of Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2016 by Alex Holden, Bluehour began as a WordPress website development agency, offering full website development at affordable pricing. Over time, the scope of the agency began to blossom into full-service digital marketing to include lead generation, SEO optimization, web optimization, design and branding, and bespoke marketing campaigns. Unlike its competitors, Bluehour takes the process to the finish line and beyond, offering ongoing management packages to help businesses ensure that their site and online presence is performing at an elite level.


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