Insect Agriculture Association Announces Annual Public Meeting to Enhance Industry Growth and Resilience

Join NACIA and members including Aspire Food Group, Beta Hatch, EnviroFlight for an inside look at the insects for food and feed industry’s strong 2021 growth.

The insect agriculture industry is at a ‘goldilocks’ stage, with know-how, technology, and increased investor support propelling it toward high growth to meet increasing demand.”

— Virginia Emery, founder and CEO of Beta Hatch

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 / — Fueled by an estimated $32 million in investment in the past year to North American companies producing insects for food and feed, the insect agriculture industry is poised for rapid expansion and maturity. On October 19, key players will convene virtually to present and discuss the current state of the industry and future outlook during NACIA’s 2021 Annual Public Meeting.

In the wake of the pandemic, the agriculture and food sectors are facing even greater pressure to adopt more sustainable practices that address food security, supply chain resiliency, and climate change. As a disruptive alternative nutrition source for pet food, animal feed, food products, and soil health advancements, the insect industry offers sustainable and stable solutions that can both protect our planet and feed the future.

“The insect agriculture industry is at a ‘goldilocks’ stage, with know-how, technology, and increased investor support propelling it toward high growth to meet increasing demand. Yet, we are still in an early enough stage to welcome and support new entries,” said Virginia Emery, NACIA Board of Directors President-Elect and founder and CEO of Beta Hatch, a Washington-based company that recently completed North America’s largest mealworm rearing facility.

“NACIA is supporting industry stakeholders through regulatory coordination, increased collaboration, and improved communication. At NACIA’s 2021 Annual Meeting we will highlight recent advancements in our sector and share a vision to elevate insect production as a key part of the food system,” added Emery.

NACIA members, including leading insect agriculture and supporting industry companies, as well as international partners will meet virtually this year in the form of an online webinar scheduled for Tuesday, October 19, 2021, from 12:00-1:30 PM EST.

Presentations will include:
• Regulatory updates from 2020-2021
• Highlights from NACIA’s 2021 industry market research survey
• Industry updates from regional trade associations from Asia, Australia, and the EU
• Presentations on research priorities, infrastructure, and more from industry leaders, including Aspire Food Group, Beta Hatch, Enterra, EnviroFlight, InnovaFeed, and PreZero, among others

The NACIA 2021 Annual Public Meeting is open to anyone interested in this expanding sector. Tickets can be purchased at for $25 and press passes are available upon request.

“The insect agriculture industry has formalized and grown tremendously in the past three years. NACIA is pleased to host our annual meeting to provide a one-stop update on advances in the North American market for insects in pet food, animal feed, human food, and soil health. Please join us for a re-cap of our most exciting year yet and a look at where we’re headed,” said Wendy Lu McGill, NACIA Interim Executive Director.

A complete agenda and link for registration through Eventbrite can be found at

The North American Coalition for Insect Agriculture (NACIA) is the insects for food and feed industry association in North America. NACIA has nearly 200 members based in 12 countries. Insects are an untapped natural resource with the potential to change our agricultural systems to be safer, circular, and more environmentally sustainable. NACIA’s mission is to encourage positive use of farmed insects in North America and beyond. Learn more at


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