Inerfuel’s global manufacturing partner Purify Fuel makes first delivery of the nanO2 ESG combustion catalyst to Nabors

First nanO2 delivery to Nabors

Purify Fuel’s nanO2 ESG combustion catalyst reducing carbon emissions and increasing fuel efficiency.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2021 / — After months of field testing on drilling rigs in Texas, Purify Fuel delivered its first 20 intermediate bulk containers of the nanO2 ESG combustion catalyst on August 27th to Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd – a wholly owned subsidiary of Nabors Industries Ltd.

This first delivery of nanO2 ESG combustion catalyst will primarily be used on Nabors drilling rigs in Colombia and Argentina to increase fuel efficiency by 7-10% and lower carbon and other emissions by 25-30%. Nabors is committed to decarbonizing drilling operations with plans to deploy this new technology across its fleet and to make it available to third party customers through Canrig.

Purify Fuel has been identified as one of the world’s most innovative sustainable technology companies. Its nanO2 ESG combustion catalyst technology provides a transitional solution that will help fight climate change until alternatives are invented. The product has been extensively tested and has been aggressively launched across multiple industries (oil and gas, marine, rail, and mining). Since 2018 it has treated more than 50MM gallons of diesel removing the equivalent emissions produced by 139,000 automobiles.

Purify Fuel’s global partner Inerfuel, based in Houston, Texas, supports Purify Fuel’s ESG Fuel distribution benefiting from improved fuel performance and significant CO2 reduction.

Stephen Schueler, Chairman of Inerfuel, said: “We are very proud of our global partnerships with Purify Fuel and Nabors. NanO2 is a very significant fuel discovery that enables industries to transition to greener and cleaner fuels.”

Tony Crawford, President of Inerfuel said: “We are very excited about the fuel efficiency gains and carbon emissions reductions that nanO2 brings to the world. We are pleased to be part of the energy transition to a better planet.”

About Inerfuel:
Inerfuel is a leading global renewable energy company supporting improved environmental solutions through carbon reduction. Inerfuel was founded in Houston, Texas to provide energy consuming industries with better solutions that improve performance, reduce costs and promote significant environmental improvements.

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