IndianAppDevelopers has Elevated Game App Development Market as a Gaming Studio in India & USA

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, August 21, 2021 / — The mobile game market continues to evolve with the new technologies, new development approaches and expectations of the players regarding the mobile gaming experience. For any mobile game development company, the most important thing is to stay tuned to these trends and utilize these evolving technologies and development approaches to their advantage. While going viral and offering an addictive game-playing experience have been sought after by most ambitious game app projects, how a development company delivers such experience with the potential to go viral remains important.

It is important to note the diverse monetization methods and innovative gaming experience attributes shaping mobile game apps. In this respect, it is important to remember not just state-of-the-art technologies and the latest game interface design trends alone cannot contribute to the resounding successes of mobile game apps. There are, of course, several other factors that development companies need to consider as well. A superb gaming experience is a culmination of unique game ideas, instantly engaging game interface design, sophisticated game features involving state-of-the-art features and addictive gaming elements that help players keep coming to the Game again and again.

In the last few years, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) penetrated the mobile game space in a big way. Thanks to these technologies, a whole array of games could realize the potential of an immersive gaming experience even on small mobile screens. The earlier constraints compared to the VR headsets and AR glasses could now be largely avoided by mobile game apps. Mobile VR games now can deliver an immersive experience similar to that of VR headsets. When it comes to Augmented Reality (AR) games, the games like Pokemon Go, literally with a phenomenal game-playing experience, completely changed the way AR experience is perceived in the context of mobile game apps.

Competitive Gamification elements have been a mainstay for game monetization. Now mobile games are exercising various creative means to allow gamification and push player engagement over time. The emergence of new monetization models such as Game as a Service (GaaS) has helped many game projects to opt for incremental and staged development with gradual value additions while monetizing every new game feature to boost profitability and revenue earning. Mobile game apps can now have the opportunity to create more value for the existing players and monetize every single piece of additional game features.

Some countries with a huge pool of mobile game players are particularly spearheading innovations in-game app development. In this respect, Indian developers are particularly worth discussing because of their unique approach to delivering a creative gameplay experience. For example, IndianAppDevelopers, a mobile game development company headquartered in India and has offices in the USA, has built several sophisticated mobile games with a simple and unique gaming experience for different categories and age groups. In addition, the company’s experience in catering to various audiences with different types of games helped shape their success stories.

The key success factor with mobile game apps is the simplicity and ease of playing instantly. As a result, a mobile game app is frequently played with the players reaching out to their phones now and then when the addictive gameplay grabs their attention. This is also why many leading console games with AAA ratings now have made their presence felt in the arena of mobile game apps. Though the big development companies with several AAA-rated game titles only pushed the competition further, this also helped bring a new paradigm of standard and excellence to the mobile game apps.

Mobile game development companies can now deliver console-like immersive gaming experiences thanks to the advanced smartphone hardware with higher processing capacity and more high-definition screen view. The vast majority of flagship smartphones and the latest tablet devices are all equipped with the most sophisticated gaming hardware features to make mobile gaming a fun experience. As the hardware challenges for games that deserve too much processing power and sophisticated graphics engines are slowly getting over, mobile gaming is becoming the mainstream of game apps thanks to the emergence of advanced smartphones.

In a hugely game development scenario, creating an app from scratch can no longer be an easy and smooth journey. The game projects of today must adhere to the tried and tested design and development principles besides offering something unique, instantly engaging, immersive and addictive through the game playing experience. A game development company needs to bring together all these diverse qualities to stand out from the competition and gain traction from its gaming audience. While going instantly viral depends on many factors instead of just quality gaming experience and unique game ideas, the best practices and principles for delivering a game that wins the heart of millions remain the same.

All trends show that the game app industry is continuing to diversify, and now we have several different game types with their respective player audience. You have players who are more into social gaming apps with scopes to collaborate with other online players, and then we have addictive role-playing games catering to different age groups of players. Even simple mini-games with their addictive way to engage players are tremendously successful. So, there is no shortage of opportunities for a game development company to cater to any niche audience. What a game development company does best can easily find its ideal audience, provided it adheres to the industry standards and delivers an addictive gaming experience.

IndianAppDevelopers has been a forerunner development company with multiple successful mobile game apps for different categories and gaming audiences. In addition, the company showed its potential to turn any new game app idea into a lucid and instantly engaging game.

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