Independence DSO Retains AIM Dental Marketing As Its Dental Marketing Agency

Lane Theritault, Founder of Independence DSO

“We built the DSO for dentists who don’t want to work for a DSO”

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Since 1989 AIM has helped dentists across North America take aim with their marketing

The DSO for dentists who don't want to work for a DSO

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AIM and Independence DSO team up to create awareness among the dental profession of a novel and valuable partnership for qualifying dental practice owners.

Independence DSO builds partnerships with dentists across the USA. This starts with a mutual understanding and plan to support Partner goals with an option that is tailored to their specific needs.”

— Lane Theriault

CHICAGO, IL, USA, March 19, 2021 / — Daniel A. Bobrow, AIM Dental Marketing‘s president announced the partnership today from his suburban Chicago Office. “We’re excited to be working with this Group because, as their website states, {they offer] a new way to practice dentistry, maximize the value of the [owner’s] legacy, and keep full control of the practice during the transition.”

Independence DSO is a community of like-minded dental practice owners who believe that the future of dentistry rests in collaboration and partnership. Their core mission is to be a nationwide network that frees dentists to serve their patients. They understand the challenges dentists and their teams face day to day, and at each stage of their careers. Their aim is to partner with dental teams to maximize their success in the delivery of oral health solutions to patients.

Independence DSO is committed to building relationships and partnerships with dentists across the USA. This starts with a mutual understanding and, when the time is right, a plan to support, the Partner’s goals with an option that is tailored to their specific needs.

Independence Dental is not bound by geography, and can invest in partnerships anywhere in the United States.

The Partnership Program is uniquely tailored to each dentist’s individual situation, needs and wants. Partners are offered a wide range of solutions and options. Programs are characterized by: full operating autonomy, above market valuation, administrative support, a seamless transition, retention of ownership and brand, employment guarantee (including staff), group purchase discounts, continuing education opportunities, and receipt of shares in the parent company.

Since 1989, AIM Dental Marketing has focused exclusively on moving dental practices and allied organizations throughout North America along their growth curve. With its commitment to remaining in the vanguard of all tactics related to dental practice marketing and communications, from telephone skills coaching and its appointment scheduling call center, to direct mail, and all manner of digital lead generation, the Team at AIM Dental Marketing is uniquely suited to deliver its best-in-class dental marketing array to Dental Support Organizations like Independence DSO.

AIM employs a flexible approach; customizing tactics to meet the needs, and remain consistent with, the Health Partner’s (client’s) practice model. Their multidisciplinary team approach is facilitated by assigning a Health Partner Success Manager, who communicates and coordinates tasks among its team of professionals who are expert in their respective role in the growth process such as: content writing, user experience design, search engine optimization, and marketing automation, as well as unique AIM Offerings such as cause-related marketing, telephone skills mastery, and the “Three Cs” of an oral systemic health, practice model.

Health Partners view AIM as its marketing support team whose raison d’être is to maximize ROI.

All Growth Plans are meticulously crafted to deliver marketing Best Practices that include a Marketing Management Dashboard, which presents key performance metrics related to: website traffic, call scoring, ad spend efficiency, Partner acquisition cost, and ROI..

“One of the things we like about working with AIM is their flexibility and the fact there are no annual contracts meaning our Growth Plan can be modified at any time.” Shares Independence DSO’s CEO and co-founder Lane Theriault.

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