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Unique solution leverages recipient psychology to triple open rates for most clients

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2021 / — Inbox Mailers announces a deceptively simple tool to get outsized results in email marketing campaigns.

Low delivery rates, open rate, and click-through rates are the top three concerns for most email marketers, and Inbox Mailers has discovered the solution: their triggered email tool utilizes subscriber data to sense when a recipient is already active in their inbox, at which point the tool sends a new, relevant message to capture their attention.

These ‘triggered sends’ are consistently tripling open rates and click volume – and these higher engagement rates cause a knock-on increase in inboxing and deliverability for the same clients. All through an automated workflow that doesn’t put an additional burden on clients’ marketing teams. For 58% of marketers, increasing engagement is their number one goal – and 44% said it was their top challenge. Inbox Mailers is meeting this challenge head-on, and the results are staggering.

In 2020, average open rates across industries were around 18%, with click-through rates at a measly 2.6%. By contrast, Inbox Mailers has consistently delivered open-and-click rates around and even above 50%. The effect of such an enormous jump on clients’ bottom lines has been notable.

In addition to their self-service tool, which improves engagement with active subscribers in clients’ networks, Inbox Mailers also offers an extended affiliate network to re-engage lapsed subscribers. Members of the network share trigger data, enabling clients to see when subscribers who haven’t opened their email are in their inbox opening a partner’s message, so they can send a targeted trigger message and re-capture the subscribers’ interest.

With one simple tool, Inbox Mailers clients are seeing incredible effects on their email engagement, click-throughs, and deliverability – and when businesses join the network they’re also able to re-engage subscribers who were previously lost to them. All with a minimal investment in time and process design.

One of the Case Studies is on their client Traders Agency in which increased sales by 60% weekly using Inbox Mailers, See: How Traders Agency Increased Sales by 60% Weekly

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